Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vintage / Heritage Layout

So what is your impression when you think heritage / vintage styled layouts? Me? Well usually I think there are photos from past generations you like with people who are well over 70 years old with lovely brown papers, laces and wooden buttons etc etc. Well thats how I view them anyway.

Okay so late late late last night (there is a reason for me emphasing the lateness as you will see further down), I completing a layout for a challenge over at Ready, Set, Scrap from the cyber crop last Friday night.

Now the theme is to think of a Cappuccino as your inspiration for the colours and must also include hand cutting, stitching and lace.

So insistantly I think heritage style! I got my cafe culture paper pattern from Kaisercraft (gorgeous browns and creams) found some lace, dragged the sewing machine out (like I have the time to hand stitch there are 9 challenges to get done in 5 days!) and some wooden old brown buttons and created this page.

Now what I did was tear the backing pp and for the dotted pp I put it under the tap and wet it all over (yeah I know I was horrified the first time I did this) scrunched it up and then god forbid I found this thing, an electrical contraction covered in dust, they call ........... "brace yourself" iron! Its okay, read on, I will quickly change the subject.

I then got a teatowel to put the wet scrunched up paper in between then ironed it! After that "thing" cooled down I quickly put it back behind a pile of clothes under the stairs.

Once the pp was dry I stuck it down and then planted my foot down on the sewing maching, without cotton, and stitched around the botton layer of pp. I did do some real stitching, as required, all 10 stitches of them, 3 on the centre of one of the flowers and some on the side border of the photo mount. The leaves, all 3 of them, were hand cut, scrunched up again and then inked. There was a lot of scrunching going on, I wonder what I was thinking about when doing this page?

Now anyway my point of this whole blog was to talk about old people and doing the hertiage theme. So here I am finishing it off by sticking down the lace and wooden brown buttons and OMG .... OMG ...... OMG ...... the fricken photo I am using me! (I just heard my mother and sister shriek with laughter then!) I actually can't type what I was thinking at the time and I still can't put it into words. Lets just say it wasn't good. I mean I am only 40 and already I am doing this type of layouts for my baby photos!!!

I did consule myself in the fact that I was up really really late so I had stamina and so far I don't need any reading glasses. Its the colour of the photo I tell myself that went so nicely with this pp(ignoring the inner voice telling me they probably didn't have colour film back then)! This sort of justification kind of worked for me!

I was too distracted after that, that I quickly finished it and went to bed, no not sulking, I'm not 2 years old, just fricken 40 year old with black and white baby photos!

I did finish all 9 challenges, including a COLOURED photo of me, which I will post tomorrow. Its late and I have neglected the house for 5 days so I better do a speedy clean up before hitting the sack.

Nite all
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janine said...

I love this Lo Tracy its gorgeous Janine xx

Tracey said...

LOL....I loved the LO Tracy but I reckon I love the story that goes with it even more!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

I love this lo TRacy!!! So full of texture!

MyLittleTeapot said...

Hi Tracy!

I know how you felt. i feel the same way too about neglecting the kids and the house for a few days.

Totally love the LOs and projects you did for RSS Cybercrop. They are full of texture and I love the colors you chose. I think you will win this hun.

Love lots