Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Free Gift of the Month

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for April when you purchase and pay from our website you will receive free a packet of our Laughter, Forever, Together and Passion Tags
1 of each in a packet
43mm x 5mm

Whilst some of you may think immediately of using these tags for wedding pages why not think outside the 12 x 12 and try these suggestions:

together - family layouts
forever - parents love for her child
laughter - having a good time layout
passion - what is your passion, why not scrapbook it!

On this page is of my son I used Kaiser Jade's Garden pattern paper, our green rhinestones, brown ric rac and brown crystal brads, green flowers, brown buttons and our forever tag.

Have a great Wednesday

2 Sketch Challenge Layouts

2 sketch challenge layouts to show you today. All products used are all available at our website.

First one is from Scrapbooking Top50 of my beautiful girl opening her presents on Christmas Day 2008.

Pattern paper is Kaiser Waterberry Range with core dinations cardstock

Bull dog clip decorated with our silver rhinestones. Presents are ripped and scrunched up with our rhinestones, present charm and white organza ribbon. Also used are our red glitter brads.

Christmas tree is, you guessed it, scrunched up, inked then dimensional magic applied. Our white bling chain was used on the pot.

I used my cuttlebug to emboss some of the other side of this pattern paper then used my cuttlebug to make the title.

The second sketch layout is from PurpleScraps Topsites - Australia's BEST Scrap Sitesthe calendar challenge.

It's me on my 40th birthday, a few months back, getting my first tattoo. As you will see from my journalling both of my angels were 10 pound babies so you would think I could handle a tattoo. Far out brussell sprout, it hurt! Oh and for the record, Alyce my dear sister, I received the newspaper article you sent me - no its NOT a mid life crisis and I am nowhere near my mid life! I have a long way to go yet of annoying, harrassing and embarrassing you!!!

Pattern Paper is Kaiser Ebony & Ivory Range with core dinations cardstock

black ric rac ribbon, black rhinestones photo corners, black and white plaid brad, black rhinestuds, lots of rhinestones, white tag, eye pin, organza ribbon, black pendants, black and white spotted ribbon, and lastly, our newly designed white felt frame. “Ouch” title was created using the Kaisercraft doodled alphabet stamps.

Not a great shot of our white tag with dimensional magic, light caught it in a bad way. I used our new eye pins also.

Woo hoo finally I got to use our new felt frames.

I love scrunching up flowers, add some doodling and dimensional magic, then pop dot them for more height and dimension.

Thats it for me today. I have more layouts to upload but that can wait another day.
Thanks for looking and have a great Tuesday

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow what a weekend

Wow that was a busy weekend. This is my first chance to post anything!

I spent the last 3 days at the Craft Fest held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre helping the lovely Lilian at the Express Publications Stand selling subscriptions and magazines - Scrapbooking Memories and Cardmaking Stamping & Papercraft. Discovered a magazine of theirs which I didn't know about that has some great projects, its called Handmade. And I meet some really lovely people from the scrapbooking & craft community there, had a great time.

This is the two of us at the stand.

then after each day working there I would have to head off to practice - this is me in the video. Do you think I am ready for next months competitions?

Oviously I was knacked by the end of practice that I decided not to drive home so I took the short cut

Going Home From Office

Then when I finally got home each night all I wanted to do was relax with a glass of wine in the pool - but as you can see the blokes got to the pool before me!

So what could a girl do but have an early night! Hope your weekend was much more relaxing

Tracy :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Acrylic Mushrooms and Owls have arrived also

I should have waited one day before uploading yesterdays post so I could do it all as the one, but no, cause I am so impatience and have to rush these things, and now I have to repeat myself.

TODAY, I received my order of acrylic owls and fairy throne mushrooms which will obviously go with the charms that arrived yesterday!!! So here is a photo of them all together.

Also new arrivals of acrylic are mirror love and kisses, cute little houses and an awesome black car.

New chipboard that arrived as well are from buzz and bloom mini series alphabets. I went with these ones as you get 2 of each letter and some of them can be reused eg the "g" in the 70s alphabet can be used as an "a" by cutting the tail off.

and then we have the frills borders (I can see some doodling happening on these) and the leaves which could replace flowers on a boys layout.

I know I had more arrived but can't think right now (when do I ever!) but they are all listed under chipboard or acrylic on the site.

I have been waiting a week for these be mine love chipboards to arrive so I can finish a layout using them. So I am off to do that and leave you with this thought of the day ...

Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Owls and Mushroom Charms

Owls and Mushroom charms arrived today at my2angels.

The mushrooms are cute little things measuring 8mm x 13mm and our owls are abit bigger at 1.3cm x 2cm long.

I was going to attempt to make a pretty border on this photo in photoshop but that is as hard to trying to figure why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? or if you squeeze olives to get olive oil, so how do you get baby oil?

I will leave you with those thoughts?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Self Adhesive Felt Frames - New Release

My new self adhesive felt frames have arrived. Yip designed by me, not highly exciting designs but still I am happy with the end result. I was thinking of the new friends ribbons when I designed them, hence the colours and why they are in the photo. I did want more detail on them but unfortunately it boiled down to money:( However I still live in hope every Saturday night at 8.30pm when these colorful balls drop out of the barrel!

I just can't seem to get a good photos of the girlfriends ribbons, so click on the photo to enlarge and maybe you might get a better picture.

So anyway the good news is, cause I am on such a high with their arrival I am offering everyone free frames - whats the catch you ask?? Yeah sorry there is one!

Spend over $25.00 (not including postage) and you will receive 1 FREE frame
spend over $35.00 (not including postage) and you will receive 2 FREE frames

Plus thats not all, a 24 piece steak knife set with a life time guarantee as seen on TV. Yeah whatever ... no something far more useful that that! You will also receive our free gift of the month which is a roll of xpress-it 6mm double sided tape.

And for the very important fine print:

Offer ends 31st March 09 so all items must be paid for by then
Let me know which frame/s you are wanting
Mention at checkout you saw this on my blog

Its 12.23am and I am half way through a layout using the white frames. The angels aren't here tonight which means no schoolrun in the morning, so I can stay up late to finish it then sleep in. Life just doesn't get any better, unless Mel Gibson (looking like he did in the movie "Forever Young") just happen to knock on the door

Nite all
Tracy :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Homemade Spiders

Homemade spiders - was my latest creative brainwave. Not something quite as exciting as the invention of sliced bread but nevertheless pretty impressive for me! These brainwaves of mine happens occassionally, when the brain isn't out getting serviced!. Can be quite frightening sometimes like take the earthquake felt in the pacific ocean this morning - that was me thinking of a new design for my stamp range I am working on!

So going back to the spiders - just take a deep breath all you Arachnephobics you will be fine cause as you see they are made from buttons, staples and ric rac ribbon which has been cut in half.

It was part of a cyber crop challenge over at Ready, Set, Scrap! Top 50 Scrapbook Sites. Go and checkout the amazing and inspiring layouts in the gallery.

Sorry I have to go back to the spiders. Its not like I know what the phobia is of spiders nor how to spell it so I did a search on yahoo (I'm not much of a google girl) and came across this site The Phobia List OMG have a look at the list of phobias there is even a phobia for fear of numbers or the fear of plants and I only got up to the B's. Seriously how do we live?

Whilst I shouldn't joke about phobias because some are quite serious. Take my partner, he is scared of spiders! I mean of course he should be he is a BIG Maori fellow with size 10 shoe! who freaks when he cames across a 2cm wide spider????

My advice of the day - face your fears - yeah right I have Hypsiphobia

Tracy :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Award

I am so happy, I have never received a blog award and today dear Lady Grace awarded me with this. She is amazing and I still can't believe she has been only scrapbooking since Oct 08, I reckon she did a typo on the year LOL.

As she said in her post, A blessing is more rewarding if we share it to somebody else. So, I would love to give the same award to 3 of my new friends:

1. Lexie - She is always quick to tell me how she created something when I ask. Love your sharing and your work Lexie

2. Nat - her layouts are beautiful and I keep annoying her about creating my blinkies ;)

3. Tracey because I love her work and she was the first person to leave a comment on my blog, so I felt like I wasn't alone :)

Now that took me over an hour. Everyone I have meet recently while becoming a self confused blog addict has awesome blogs that keep me reading till all hours in the morning and inspire me with their beautiful work and some laughs :)

Oh and I did have a sort of detour to the kitchen and indulged in this !!!

How good does that donut look, from Donut King??? Yip it tasted as good as it looks, had some chocolate stuff inside.

Hmm I don't know why I am struggling to fit into my clothes at the moment?

Now I am off to run up the stairs 23,000 times ;)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monthly reminder to back up your photos and files

Whilst I recommend backing up your files and photos weekly, I am going to remind you all each month to back up your important photos and files from your computer.

With the recent tragedies here in Australia - the floods in Northern Queenland and the fires in Victoria, it highlighted how important it is to preserve our precious memories.

Oh and maybe give your desk a bit of a wipe down while you are at it, as you never know what happens when you aren't there!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Kit of the Month - Lets hear it for the boys

Our March kit is "Let's hear it for the boys".

It costs $26.50 including postage, unless you purchase other items from our my2angels then the standard $2.70 postage will apply.

What will you receive in this kit? Well enough products for 2 layouts (total of 50 items) but no instructions for a layout. You get to use your brain for that one, as mine is currently out of action having a service AGAIN!

2 Core dinations Cardstock
1 Pattern Paper – K&Company Rough & Tumble
1 Pattern Paper – K&Company Kazoo Kids Blue Stripe
1 metre Felt Ribbon Stars self adhesive
1 metre Light Blue Ric Rac
1 metre Dark Blue Velvet Ric Rac
6 Large Buttons
4 Embossed Felt Stars
20 Dark Blue Rhinestuds
Self Adhesive Blue Bling Arrows
3 Self Adhesive Silver Bling Circles
3 Boy Cap Charms
3 Sport Shoe Charms
3 Bike Charms

Details are here to order

And here's a few quotes to help you get in the mood:

Armed and Dangerous! Has an attitude and knows how to use it
Innocent until proven guilty
Prince Charming
Of all the animals, the boy, is the most unmanageable
A little dirt never hurt
Never lend your car to someone you have given birth to
and my favourite


Have a great Tuesday

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Layout

Good Sunday morning everyone - did we all get a nice sleep in? I certainly did (well you need it when you blog hop till 2am in the morning!) And take a listen to this, hear it? come closer then? such a sweet sound ah? NO KIDS WOO HOO they have finally gone to their dads for the night - hence why I got a sleep in. So very attractively I might add, i'M sitting here in my pjs with a green mud pack on my face, in such sweet silence that it was good opportunity to do a new posting.

Enough showing off - the winner for the Cyber crop over at RSS is ... drum roll ... AMANDA woo hoo wtg girl. I came runner up (by 1 point LOL) which I am very please with, considering this is the first time I had completed a CC and the standard from the lovely ladies over there is so high.

Here is another layout I completed for the muffin challenge. For Janine's challenge we had to use the following items:

M = must make an embellishment
U = Use chipboard somewhere
F = Flowers
F = Felt
I = ink
N = New product from your stash
S = Stamping

Now before I show you the layout I actually took apart a previous layout I completed many moons again, shocking lo so get ready for a smirk or if you have something similar you may LOL. You know somethings just have to be redone, forget leaving it to show your progress blah blah blah.

ok and for the updated version ...

I got to use my buzz and bloom grapevine chipboard frame for my photo. The pattern paper is Kaiser craft Mint Fudge from the sorbet range. I snuck the pink scroll felt under part of the title - Hunt. I used cracked paint on the vines and also on the word egg but it doesn't show up very well, you can see it abit better on the next photo.

Instead of using ribbon with our square ribbon slide, I used some coredinations paper and wrote my journalling on it.

Again here is our pretty rhinestone scroll centred with our 10mm rhinestones.

OMG while typing this post, I have had two coffees, got detoured with putting some washing on, and now the green mud pack on my face feels like concrete! Gotta go and wash or possible scrub it off.

Till next time
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
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