Monday, July 30, 2012

More Attitude! Mini Album pages

Ngaire here  - just squeaking in for the last of July with more mini album pages using Kaiser's Attitude! range.

For my first page I've used the reverse side of Individual. Over this, as a feature element, I added a panel from Prank - tucking most of it under the photo - but leaving the most decorated part of it showing.  The photo of my three terrors was matted with one of the sheets from the 6.5" Paper Pad. Along the right edge of this mat I punched a border strip using my trusty old Threading Water punch and then threaded a length of Ball and Chain through it. At the end of the chain I popped on one of Tracy's Soccer Sports Shirt Charm's and a  Rugby/Football Sports Boot Charm - as soccer is a sport all my boys enjoy.

Using a left-over star I had die cut from another of the sheets from the 6.5" Paper Pad, I created  a small embellishment cluster by combining it with a die cut shape from the Collectibles Die Cuts pack and a small Black Metal Textured Star. I added a couple more of those stars randomly over the page to finish it off.

The next page is part of a double. They are facing pages and I had similar photos of the two older boys - so I thought I would make them similar in style so that they complemented one another. This is the left-hand page - with a photo of my middle son.

The base of the page is the reverse of Trouble. This was actually a remnant from a previous layout - and doesn't have a huge amount of pattern on it - so using it here on a mini album where the photo will cover most of the empty space is a good idea.

I die-cut the star from my last scrap of the reverse side of Individual and it is popped over the top of one of the larger pieces from the Collectibles Die Cuts  pack. The crown is part of a border from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet, whilst the circle element has been trimmed from one of the designs on Individual.  Finishing off that embellishment cluster is an inked chipboard cog from my stash, a piece of Black Mesh (oos), a Silver Metal Textured Star and a silver Boys Caps charm.

The comment - it's not really a title - uses the alpha stickers from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet.
To finish off the page, I've cut up some small bits of Black Mesh (oos) and added them here and there around the page. Then I cut a chipboard cog into two and added each half with a Silver Metal Textured Star over the mesh in a couple of spots. This keeps the embellishments simple - yet interesting - and allows you to focus on photo without distraction.

The matching page is a photo of my eldest son in a mirror pose to my middle son. I've kept to similar colours for this page too - though there is some green that was missing in the first page.

The base paper for the page is a panel from What's Up? I have been hoarding for use on the mini album. The panel is slightly larger than the mini album page - so I have had to trim one end a little. Over this I have popped a panel from Prank  that I trimmed down to the base die cut element - and this is tucked under the photo on one side and raised with pop dots on the other. In tucking it under the photo, I cut into the scroll at the bottom to allow the photo to be tucked behind the scroll, but in-front of the main part of the die cut.  This helps to make the page feel more integrated - as if it were always meant to be this way - rather than just put together.

The comment - again - it's more of an observation than a title - uses the alpha stickers from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet.

To finish off the page I've made a couple more dog tags - one from scrap paper (I'm not exactly sure which patterned paper this came from, as I think it was a left-over bit from one of the panel sections I cut up for something)  and the other from a die cut chipboard piece from the Collectibles Die Cuts  pack. There's a random bit of Black Mesh and a Silver Metal Textured Star as well - with the ever useful  Ball and Chain.

To repeat the crown motif from the die cut panel, I added a crown sticker from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet and a rubon from the matching rubon collection.

So there you have it - 3 more pages from my ever-growing Attitude! mini album. I have another half dozen or so in the pipeline - so I'll pop back with them when I get a chance.

Tracy says Attitude! restocks are due VERY soon - which is good - as I have finally run out of some of the pages and most of the useful letters from the sticker page. So race me to the store for them... :)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Boys Card and Tag

For the final week of Boys month I have made a Birthday Card and a Gift Tag using Attitude! papers and embellishments from my2angels - great to add to any small boy's present :) 

First the card:

This is a Surprise Pop-Up Card - There are millions of how-to videos out there but personally, my go-to instructional videos for all kinds of fabulous cards are on Splitcoast Stampers....have a look here for this one.

The base of the card is a piece of reddish brown cardstock I had in my stash. On the front of the card there is a slightly smaller piece of the reverse of 'Dude'.

This is the bit you write your hidden message on - in this case I used rub ons and added a line of arrows and a crown cut out from the 12x12 Sticker Sheet (oos), but you could just as easily use the patterns on the manufacturer's strip that is on every paper in the range.

Then there is the construction of the pop-up piece - a piece of black cardstock covered in the 6 1/2" Paper pad version of 'Whatever!'. The pull-out tag is covered in the contrasting red 'Trouble' (the small version has an awesome shiny embossed look).

The embellishments - on the pull out tag there is a piece of my2angels Explore Loud Messy Rough and Tumble Dirt 100% Boy Ribbon and a Boys with Caps silver charm all held on with a 10mm black jumpring and a 5mm silver jumpring.

On the pop up front there is a diecut shape from the 6 1/2" paper Pad. I've wrapped some string around it and added a silver Motorcycle charm. The stamped boy (Eric from Daniel Torrente/Stampotique) is coloured using Copic Markers and the '6' is from Tim Holtz' Ideaology Alpha Parts.

The inside is simple - just another piece of 'Dude', some more rub ons from my stash and another row of arrows and a crown from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet. Plenty of space to write your message :)

And the tag.....well, this one has a few layers.
The first is a piece of 'Dude' which I embossed using the gears folder from Sizzix Texture Trades - Artful Muse Set and inked with Crushed Olive Distress Ink.
Then - in order - there's a small piece of metallic paper from the 6 1/2" Paper Pad, some strips of roughly cut Black Mesh (oos), what was left of my zipper from the Best Buddies layout and finally a curled piece of brownish green paper also from the paper pad (a smaller version of 'Individual').

 I added a bit of graffiti'd paper to the back of this so that when it was curled there was no white paper showing. The final layer has also been stamped with the Kaisercraft Graffiti stamp (and Black Archival Ink (oos)) and a Darkroom Door scratched background stamp (and Crushed Olive Distress Ink).

Embellishing are some more of that my2angels Explore Loud Messy Rough and Tumble Dirt 100% Boy Ribbon, and a Truck charm held on with a 10mm black jumpring and a 5mm silver jumpring. Tucked in to the end of the zipper is an inked and crackled 'Warning Boys at Play' pin. 
Another coloured 'Eric', some knotted string and two strips of paper with 'Birthday' and 'Boy' rub ons complete the tag.

So that's my last contribution for the boys - next month is Birthday month at my2angels exciting - I'm looking forward to it :)

PS (Tracy tells me a restock of Attitude!  will be here by Tuesday next week so go and pop them in your wishlist now)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New additions to our popular Charming Pins Collection

We have new additions to our popular Charming Pins Collection...

 Charming Bouquets
... a combination of the lusterous beauty of pearls, crackled glass and rhinestone beads, with either a silver flower or bronze bird charm - adorning either our Silver or Antique Bronze eye pins - all enclosed within the special touch of an Antique Bronze or Silver filigree.

Each bouquet is finished off with a coordinating mulberry leaf and either a matching resin or mulberry rose.

Each Pin is available in the Charming Pins Section and keep an eye out for upcoming colour combinations.

Also newly arrived instore, are more wooden buttons.

3 for $1.20

3 for $1.20

2 for $0.80

You will find all our new products in the New Arrivals section and in their respective sections.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Attitude! and Page 7 Create an Album with Geli

Hi all,

Lisa here, back again with those fabulous Kaiser ATTITUDE! papers......

I love creating  my own backgrounds, especially for my teenage boys - makes the layout that bit earthier and grungier!!

I started this layout by stamping the cardstock - using  Kaiser stamps.....Tracy has a fabulous collection of Kaiser stamps and they are GREAT for creating backgrounds - so check them out HERE
OOS stamps will be back in stock by 30th July

I then took some 2 inch squares of Kaiser Attitude! papers (Teenager - both front and reverse sides) and inked all the sides. I also cut out some of the circles (from the Individual paper) ....and inked those too. 

I also love the manufacturer strips on the bottom of the papers, so I took those ... and  applied those randomly to the page as well. Other bits - like the stars and arrows - are border strips from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet (oos).

 I then placed my 6 x 4 portrait photo onto the layout and then adhered the circled cutouts (from the Individual paper) randomly around the page.....

I used the alphas from the Kaiser 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet (oos) to create the title and doodled around the edges to give it more emphasis.

I still have loads of paper and a couple of ideas for them, so I will be back next week with more ATTITUDE!!!!!!


Create an album with Geli pt 7 - How to make a waterfall album

Today I'd like to show you how to make a waterfall album, just like I did on the Tahune Airwalk page. Don't be scared off by the many steps, just follow each one and you'll see it's actually quite simple. 

When you pull on the tab, an album falls open, like a waterfall:
I will put some journalling on the parts without photos.
Here is the story behind these photos: 
Magnitogorsk in the Southern Ural mountains is probably the ugliest city I have ever visited. There is steel industry and pollution everywhere (google image it and you'll see). We did have a great time there, but no thanks to the sights. Russians are simply lovely people to meet, no matter where you are. 
Bigger is not always best, but in Russia you realise that no statue can ever be too big:
(photo courtesy to this site)
This one was so massive that we could barely reach halfway up its knee. Yes, those tiny dwarves on his shoe - that's us. We were told that this statue marks the border between Europe and Asia. 

Anyway, on to the layout!

First, I attached a full sheet of paper to a leftover piece of flower paper (remember, I used some of it on the Babushki page already). The easiest way to do this is to use the barcode strip to glue the 2 pieces together and then trim it down to a 12" piece. I ended up with 7" of flower paper and 5" of red paper.
I used my Sew Easy tool to make the stitched scallops along the seam (a tutorial on this awesome tool coming soon!)
 There is one scallop coming from the left and 3 from the right. (Don't worry about the in-between part where they don't meet up, that will be hidden.) Add a photo and a frame, around 4x5" big.
Next I cut a sheet of cardstock into:
one 3x12" strip
six 3x4" pieces (they'll be the photo mats)
 and a 1x5" piece. 
This needs to be cut from proper scrapping cardstock, cause the cheap stuff is too flimsy.
Score the 3x12" piece at 7" from the right and then at every half inch till you have 6 scored lines:
Now fold those scored lines like this:
Put some sticky tape or glue on the 2 1/2 x 3" rectangle at the end and glue your first 3x4" photo mat on this. It'll overlap the end a bit, don't worry.
Next, put some sticky tape on the 1/2" area between the next 2 scored lines and attach the top of the 2nd photo mat on this:

Continue this way until all 6 mats are glued on. They should look like this from the side:
Now add some punched borders and the photos (mine are a tiny bit smaller than 3x4"). The album folds with the photos on top and the long cardstock strip (let's call it the "tail") on the bottom, like this:
Pretty up the last 1x5" strip of cardstock with a sticker border. Place the album on top of the frame and push the "tail" under the strip. Put some glue under the 2 sections marked with a cross and glue the strip down. Mine sits right on the seam between the 2 background papers. Re-enforce it with a brad on each side. Be careful not to put glue anywhere else, the album's "tail" needs to be able to move under it. 

Now put glue on top of the strip where it is marked with a cross in the middle, nowhere else:
Close the album halfway, place it so it sits right in the middle of the green frame and and push it down on the strip. The strip will end up being glued right under the bottom photo mat. 
Give that a moment to dry and make a tab while you wait. When you pull on it the album should work just fine now.

I thought my stitching should stand out a bit more, so I took some silver glitter ribbon, cut it in half and added some sticky tape to the back. Then I glued that in the space between the stitching lines. This ribbon is nice and soft and easy to bend into shape to follow the curves. Then I glued on some red rhinestone chain to hide the seam of my background papers.
And on top of each loop went a daisy charm. To make the red centre put a bit of Glossy Accents in the centre and cover it in microbeads. They are super cute as flower centres, but be careful, they are very jumpy! Let it all dry before sticking the charms down with a brad

All you need now is a title and you are ready to wow your friends with your awesomely clever waterfall album!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Games to play with your little Brother

"Games to play with your little Brother"

Hi there - Michele here again with another layout for Boys month.

Since I still have LOADS of Kaisercraft Attitude! papers and stickers left, I have carried on using them for this layout...I've called it 'Games to play with your little Brother'. I know that some of the papers are out of stock - this has been a very popular collection, but the ones I've used are mostly still available and the re-stocks of the others should be arriving very soon. The photo is one of my DD & DS at a party several years ago, when he was just old enough to be joining in the 'fun'.

The background paper - it reminds me of an old Aussie paling fence - is the reverse of 'Rebel'. It's so grungy looking that not even I needed to add to its distress :) What I did do, was punch one corner and then randomly around bits of the edge with a Martha Stewart Punch, ink the edges with Black Soot Distress Ink and put it onto a piece of black cardstock. This just added a bit of interest around the outside of the layout. Almost all of the rest of the papers I've used have come from the 6 1/2" Paper Pad. The more of these little pads scrapping companies bring out, the more I want. I love the way the patterns are so much smaller and more delicate - nothing in your face, but all the same detail you get on the 12x12 papers. Needless to say, I'm getting quite a collection :)

So, my photo is mounted on two complete sheets of this paper, and both have been distressed before being stuck down. I have also distressed the edges of the photo with an emery board. There is a small piece, 'Unique', cut from the reverse of 'Prank' tucked in under the right hand side and a roughly cut piece of Black Mesh at the top.

The rest is embellishments. I have played with the new Stampendous Aged Black Embossing Enamel on all my chipboard cogs and clock pieces. This is out of stock right now - and I'm not surprised, it may even be my fault - but I suspect there will be a re-stock coming up. I didn't cover the chipboard completely though, so where you see the greyish colour coming through - it is the untreated chipboard. The largest cog at the bottom has a Tim Holtz Ideaology Game Spinner in the centre.

The scalloped strips of paper on the left and at the bottom, both red and metallic, are also from the  6 1/2" Paper Pad. The red one is a die cut with the addition of holes I punched in it using a Cropodile - There are two joined Ball and Chains and a Boys with Caps Charm threaded through the holes. The two metallic ones are punched from a piece of paper with a Fiskars Threading Water punch. Both are edged with Black Soot and Fired Brick Distress Inks.

The tag over on the left is also a die cut from the Paper Pad. I have added a smaller tag (also a die cut), a Ball and Chain and a Baseball Cap Charm. The beginning of my extra long title is here too - from my Dymo label maker. Also on the tag are two tiny chipboard skull & crossbones from Scrapware, distressed with Black Soot and Fired Brick Distress Ink.

The banner that makes up the rest of the title is made from string, circles punched from the red and white spotted paper (again the paper pad), small triangles cut from the reverse of 'Dude', triangles of Black Mesh, tiny star rub ons from the Attitude! Rub Ons pack (oos), and letter stickers from the '12x12 Sticker Sheet' (oos). Dangling from the end is an Ideaology Light Bulb.


Finally, there is a piece of Extreme Cool Play Hard Chill Out Awesome Mates Boys Ribbon across the page near the top of the photo.

I'm really enjoying the Attitude! collection - a friend's small son has a birthday coming up very soon, so I think a card and a tag for his present might be a good idea for my next project :)