Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New additions to our popular Charming Pins Collection

We have new additions to our popular Charming Pins Collection...

 Charming Bouquets
... a combination of the lusterous beauty of pearls, crackled glass and rhinestone beads, with either a silver flower or bronze bird charm - adorning either our Silver or Antique Bronze eye pins - all enclosed within the special touch of an Antique Bronze or Silver filigree.

Each bouquet is finished off with a coordinating mulberry leaf and either a matching resin or mulberry rose.

Each Pin is available in the Charming Pins Section and keep an eye out for upcoming colour combinations.

Also newly arrived instore, are more wooden buttons.

3 for $1.20

3 for $1.20

2 for $0.80

You will find all our new products in the New Arrivals section and in their respective sections.

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