Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to make your own Bird's Nest

To create your own hand-made bird's nest, you need the following: a length of string approximately 1 metre, a hot glue gun, some dead bits of foliage from a plant and 3 beads.

Step 1.
Tie 3 knots at one end of a piece of twine.  Trim the excess off one end and leave the other end alone (it should now measure approximately 50cm).

Step 2.
Wrap your twine fairly tightly around the knot a few times to create the bottom of the nest. Add a dob of hot glue to hold the string in place. Continue this process 2 to 3 times more, depending on the width you are wanting for your nest.

Step 3.
Now start to wrap your twine around the TOP outside edge of your base section. Add dobs of glue in various places to 'fix' each layer of twine. Don't glue all of it, as some pieces need to be a little loose, so that it mimics a real 'messy' nest. Add some small bits of 'dead' foliage into the glue as you work each layer onto the base. You can do a little 'moulding' as you go to shape your nest - but wait until the glue has cooled down a little first.

Step 4.
Once you have your desired shape and size, cut the twine and glue the "end" to the side of your nest. Cover up the 'end' with a bit of foliage.

Step 5.
Randomly glue more foliage (or even some small twigs) on the inside of the nest and then finish it all off with 3 beads for your eggs.

So let's add a nest to a card!
 As my base I used the new Fab Scraps Industrial Chic Steel Pattern Papers, distressing the edges and inking black   Image 1

For the eggs in my nest, I used our Brown and Blue Crackled Glass Beads
and ta da one card finished!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fun in the sun layout

Hi, it's Geli!

If you know a little boy, a teen getting their P plates or a racecar mad man, then you want this cool traffic light embellishment! 

And even better, it's already cut out and ready to assemble in one beautiful mini kit for only $2.00. Find it here at my2angels. It was really easy and the instructions include photos, so you don't even have to think hard. 

I teamed it up with a basic brights charming dates embellishment (comes in a set of 5 bright colours with different words), a truck charm, some boy ribbon and my favourite puffy stars, plus a few sequins.

The photo was outlined with some rhinestone chain (the black goes well with the traffic light) and I did some simple stitching with the Sew Easy tool using the Smocking head (no, I did not say smoking head). 6 different colours... what can I say, sometimes I get carried away.

I will be teaching this layout in my home classes next week (Monday and Friday morning, Thursday night), which will include the embellishments and you bring your own papers.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The finishing touches

Today during my scrapbook class I got to make a page for myself too and wanted to show you how you can add some final touches to a project.

This is how far I got during class: 
 You can see my original class project hereI skipped a few embellishments and used stickers instead. It was alright like this, but a little flat. Plus, I ripped a bit of that heart stickers and it needed to be covered (who said there were no mistakes in scrapbooking?!)
So I started looking through my box of my2angels goodies and a few little things were perfect for my project.
First, the zigzag paper was outlined with a length of 

a pretty white Charming Family Word embelly and a cute little ladybug pin matched perfectly. 
The little charm says "family", which suits me fine because this little lighthouse is in Moritzburg, Saxony, near where my family is from.
 The tear in the heart sticker was covered with a star flower and a clock charm (bye bye mistake).
The heart was outlined with Strawberry Shortcake sugar beads and the flower stickers were given centres with Licorice Twist sugar beads

 And here we go, it's all embellished nicely:
I hope you like it too.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Arrivals in store now

Have you checked out our new arrivals lately?

We have gorgeous Shabby Chic papers from Fabscraps

Templates from Kaisercraft

and you can never have too many charms, & these are a must for your collection!

Click on the photos on the websites for sizes - the Large birds and Fairy Timepieces are a generous size! 

I can't wait to start creating with our new arrivals BUT FIRST I must get prepared for our first my2angels retreat next week ... we have plenty of room and are able to fit more ladies in for the day on Sunday so please contact us if you would love to come and join in the fun - here is the link to check out further details my2angels retreat