Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to make your own Bird's Nest

To create your own hand-made bird's nest, you need the following: a length of string approximately 1 metre, a hot glue gun, some dead bits of foliage from a plant and 3 beads.

Step 1.
Tie 3 knots at one end of a piece of twine.  Trim the excess off one end and leave the other end alone (it should now measure approximately 50cm).

Step 2.
Wrap your twine fairly tightly around the knot a few times to create the bottom of the nest. Add a dob of hot glue to hold the string in place. Continue this process 2 to 3 times more, depending on the width you are wanting for your nest.

Step 3.
Now start to wrap your twine around the TOP outside edge of your base section. Add dobs of glue in various places to 'fix' each layer of twine. Don't glue all of it, as some pieces need to be a little loose, so that it mimics a real 'messy' nest. Add some small bits of 'dead' foliage into the glue as you work each layer onto the base. You can do a little 'moulding' as you go to shape your nest - but wait until the glue has cooled down a little first.

Step 4.
Once you have your desired shape and size, cut the twine and glue the "end" to the side of your nest. Cover up the 'end' with a bit of foliage.

Step 5.
Randomly glue more foliage (or even some small twigs) on the inside of the nest and then finish it all off with 3 beads for your eggs.

So let's add a nest to a card!
 As my base I used the new Fab Scraps Industrial Chic Steel Pattern Papers, distressing the edges and inking black   Image 1

For the eggs in my nest, I used our Brown and Blue Crackled Glass Beads
and ta da one card finished!



Marie Mazz CAIRNS said...

wow! what a beautifully created card I love it.

Anonymous said...

WOW thanks for the tips, love your work :)