Monday, June 29, 2009

What??? It's been a week ...

since I last blogged OMG how bad am I??? Okay I do have excuses, its nearly EOFY so I have been doing my accounts, but I have been even badder (is that such a word?) I have only done about 1/4 of them so I have heaps to do but I have to be honest and admit, every excuse I can find to avoid doing them I have used it. Only to myself of course, since I work on my own .. which is probably worse! Yeah but you can imagine it ah? bit like the arguments you have in your head when scrapbook shopping ... I really shouldn't but I will, no I can't I have others I can use ... Oh know I have just realised it's my fault, my DS uses every excuse when it comes to doing his homework and tidying his room - it's in my genes, I've passed it on ... its my fault .. no it's not I'll blame my mother!

Okay that's the boring bit done, now for the cool stuff ...

New products arrived today ...

They all have a little friend at my2angels just waiting to be accesorised with ...
wedding with our gold or silver horsehoe charm
friends with our friends charms or girlfriends / mates ribbon
skulls with our skulls and cross bones charms

and our angel with our angel charms.

Oh look here is a layout I did earlier with the angels word ...

Oh and guess what you know that layout in last weeks posting, celebrate, I won that CC Challenge woo hoo. Funny though it took me about 3 hours to complete ... a record these days. My average completion time is 4-5 days per layout hence why I haven't joined in with so many CC's lately. I have decided to concentrate on the monthly challenges, giving me just a bit more time to get other stuff done, you know like anything but accounts!

OMG speaking of DS, yes I know it was a few paragraphs back, I went to get my suppliers today at the bottle shop. Now I can't stand the cold, so I quickly ran into the freezer and pointed to Mark which wine I wanted and he got it for me (he doesn't feel the cold, must be the Irish in him) anyway he took it up to the counter for me and they told me in future he is not allowed to touch / carry etc the alcohol or they will be fined! Oh for crying out loud have these idiots up in parliament / government / these bloody political correct twits gone mad!!! Don't they realise the more you hid stuff from kids they more likely they are going to try it. And what difference does it make when I leave the shop and hand him the bag with the OMG wine inside it to carry to the car cause I have to get my lucky lotto ticket number for the $90 million draw tomorrow night and its too bloody awkward to get my money and winners circle card out while carrying the wine and shopping - I mean far out!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening I feel much better now that's out.

14 days left of the school holidays and counting down ...

Till next time


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have a winner and 1 layout to share

I have no idea if I have mentioned this before, but I am having a random draw ... so random I have no idea when I am going to do it but when I do one person who has submitted a layout to my gallery will receive a small thank you from me for sharing their creations. So this month, day, year or whenever is Amandaj73. Yes she has uploaded lots of her work using my2angels products to the gallery BUT it was a random draw so Amanda expect a little something from me in the post :)

I have one layout to share today, it was for a challenge at the Scraplounge CC last weekend. We weren't allowed to use cardstock - OMG I am just getting the hand of having clusters on my layouts let alone all the background to be in pp. Also in the title we had to have the word celebrate and it must be of a birthday.

They later change the rules and could be any celebration as people didn't have any to scap ... HELLO over here ... I think I have done 3 birthday layouts, which is pretty bad odds considering the angels have had 22 in total between them. Oh and 2 of the layouts for birthdays were mine. Let me know if any challenges or CC for birthdays are coming up, I will have just the photos for them PML

Here is Sarahs 10th birthday last month. I know, I can't even start from the beginning!

Love this LYB pattern papers. Used our black skeleton leaves and the title Celebrate is using the Rusty Pickle Stickers, damm can't think off hand the name but you can see them over in our stickers section.

Okay time for bed
Have a good night / day everyone
Tracy :)

PS Thanks mum for the dollies, which I sprayed with Pearl Glimmer Mist :) and big thanks Lexie for offering to get me some. Mum brought some over on Sunday which I quickly claimed as mine, whoops too bad if she wanted some LOL oh well she knows where they are!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 layouts to share with you today

2 layouts to share with you today using our new flowers.

The first one, based on the June Sketch at the Scraplounge, of my sister and I (10 kilos lighter boo hoo) using our while scalloped felt frame which I sprayed with Sea Glass Glimmer Mist, delicious pink paislee pattern paper, forever tag charm, glitter brads, fabric plaid brad, brown chain, white tags, gold key, silver scroll flourish and our ric rac. Also I added our brown skeleton leaves.

I just love this photo, it was taken on Marks first week of school so long ago. Oh those where the days without the hormones and playstation 3!!!!
I have used the gorgeous pink pasilee pps again, pink butterfly felt ribbon, frangipanis, silver flourish, kindy glitz, pink glitter brads and the making memories poolside alpha letters. Unknown origin of the large chipboard letters. Tucked underneath the circle is tuelle which has been sprayed with glimmer mist.

And here is a video clip from you tube to make you smile. I bet many of the bystanders missed their train but most importantly went onto have a great day as as result of being witnessed to this.

I hope you are smiling now :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New flowers have arrived.

Our delivery of flowers finally arrived this afternoon, and 6 hours later they are all up on the website, except one small brown flower. Sun disappeared on me and my camera just didn't like the colour - what do cameras know, obviously a male cause I like it. Its the same as the larger brown flower just in 23mm size. Hopefully tomorrow my camera will behave so I can get it listed.

I have also sorted out the flower out in colour categories which you may find easier.

I am loving the frangipanis and the skeleton leaves and now I can finish the 2 layouts that have been waiting for this delivery. Maybe tomorrow though cause really I would rather snuggle up on the couch with some hunky bloke and watch TV. Sadly no hunk in sight and just rubbish on TV tonight!!!! Oh how boring is my life, mind you I would rather have my life than Judy Moran at the moment, man oh man I can see Underbelly Series 43 in the making!

Here is just a snippet of some of the flowers.

Oh but these brown ones would have to be my favourite.

Or these ones?

Whilst some of these are your classic mulberry flowers, you will find a few interesting and different ones in stock. There is limited supply on these, and I will reorder when they start to run out but they take up to 6 weeks to arrive. With that in mind I have already order some canna lillies and pretty star flowers on stems, which will be 5-6 weeks away.

Don't forget any orders that includes the promotional kits, 10% of the total order will be donated to Bravehearts. See the promotions section on our site.

Okay would love to stay and chat but I am over the computer for now
Have a great night everyone
Tracy :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots to post today

Hmmmm haven't I been MIA for a while?
I reckon this is the longest I have left it in between posts.
I do have a good excuse, I have been getting myself prepared as I have over 35 new flowers arriving at the end of this week (fingers crossed), can't wait. Have some frangipanis, flowers with spots, skeleton leaves and more variety of colour and shapes than what I have on the website at the moment. Just trying to locate a new home for one of the angels as I need their bedroom for storage - hmm I wonder if I can get a deal for both of them?

I have completed a few layouts since I last wrote and I also have a few half completed. Just waiting for the flowers to arrive so I can finish them off.

This months word challenge at RSS was to use the word Life, must also use a transparency and some stamping. This is what I came up with. The white cardstock wasn't suppose to have the grey effect over it but I went crazy one night with the glimmer mist and like an idiot that I am, didn't move everything out of the way before I went trigger happy. Because I got some in the corner I had to go and spray the rest. Here is my DS, Mark and I last December.

Its not a very good photo of the layout my camera didn't appreciate having so much to focus on, just click on it to enlarge if you want. All products from my2angels except the tuelle and transparencies.

I don't usually do negative layouts, but this month at RSS I decided to give it a go. Holy c**p it was hard! We could only use 25% of the layout and it had to be in one colour only. I submitted my 2nd attempt, the first was about 25%, but mum reckoned 40% and who was I to argue with her (she is doing heaps of packing for me at the moment so gotta keep in her good books). Oh and mum if you are reading this don't take a mouthful of drink when reading the next line you might choke!

This is me, young and innocent when I was about 4 years old. See I have not changed, just a little taller PML

Used half of our black bling scroll, 1/4 photo corner, attacked our lace with granite glimmer mist and the musical charm was inked. I actually like it, BUT after submitting it I have done a few changes, not yet finished but here is the photo with some pink added to it.

Next on the Agenda

BACK UP YOUR DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOS - no wait, read on, then do ya back up.

Item number 3 on the agenda is ...

Yip way late in announcing this but last month I asked everyone to send me their ideas for the most common word/words they use on their creations. As a RANDOM draw Janine K from over at RSS will be receiving the pack of goodies in the post any day now. Thanks everyone for your comments, and please, if you think of anymore I would appreciate all suggestions :)

Finally ...

I've been tagged by Samantha to answer these questions and then tag 8 others! check out Samantha's blog here! Here goes...

Q1. What are 8 things you look forward to:

1. My first coffee in the morning WITH NO interruptions.

2. Completing a layout that I am happy with

3. 9.30pm when everyone in the house is in bed and I can scrap in peace.

4. Watching my son play footy on Saturdays

5. First day of the month when all the new challenges are uploaded on sites

6. The rare moments when Mark and Sarah playing together NICELY with NO arguments - it is rare but sometimes it does happen

7. When my family all get together - lots of drinking, too much food eaten and lots of laughs (my sister inconveniently lives in Scotland)

8. Every time I sell one of my own designs

Q2. What were 8 things you did yesterday:

1. Uploaded information ready for the arrival of my new flowers

2. TRIED (and failed) to prepare an article for Scrapbooking Memories Newsletter on my new products - so crap at writing

3. Clean the stove top - we both went into shock

4. Yelled at the angels 10 million times

5. Blog hopped for way toooooooooo long

6. Drank over 20 cups of coffee

7. Got some groceries.

8. Brought my lotto ticket

Q3. What are the 8 things you wish you could do:

1. Live on no sleep

2. Wear size 12 clothes COMFORTABLY

3. Write properly - not write how I talk

4. Own my own home again

5. Understand photoshop

6. Being able to take decent photos of the kids playing sports

7. Remove all forms of abuse from the world especially child abuse in all its form

8. Get all idiots off the road especially those who don't know what an indicator is for!!!

Q4. Name 8 things or shows you've watched lately:

1. The Mentalist

2. CSI Las Vegas

3. News (dunno why the press give me the shyts)

4. How I met your mother - awesome concept and very funny

5. 24

6. CSI Miami

7. Whats that home renovation show on at the moment you know where they get voted off - its on channel 9 whatever it is I am watching that

8. A Current Affair

And this is who I'm tagging LG, Treesa, Shazza, Shell, Rachel, Jane,

Have fun! I'm looking forward to reading all your answers!

Okay NOW go and back up your documents :)

Have a fab day and be safe on those roads

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Award

Thanks Shazza from ShazzaCraftBlog for my first ever blog award. It will hang proudly in my side bar :)

Here are the rules-
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I'm only going to send it to 7 - These seven bloggers I regularly stalk to be inspired and to be nosey to see what is going on in their world.

"One lovely blog award" goes to:

Sue (Soupie)
Jane Smith (anyone who loves all the Lethal Weapons is a winner in my book LOL)
Sharon Dalton
Wendy Smith

and if Amanda from RSS, Kym from the Scraplounge and Amanda Lawrence from out of the hat had blogs I am sure I would have been sending them this award as well :)

Tracy :)


Whoops I went looking but couldn't find it so I apologise Amanda LOL
I also forward this award to you ;)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Follow up to yesterdays Charity Call

You know how when you receive an email or someone leaves a comment and it just touches you and whatever comes your way during the course of the day, you can face it because someone has taken the time out of their busy day to leave you a note. I wonder if people realise how much these comments mean to you? Well today I received a comment in my guestbook and it really really touched me, you know when you want to cry and your jaw aches but you don't cry well that is me as I type this posting.

Hetty Johnson the founder of Bravehearts took the time out of her day to leave me a note to thank me for raising funds to assist the charity (see yesterdays post)

Pop into my guestbook (link above my blog header) and see her comments she left me.

On behalf of all the Children ... we thank you Hetty

And I must also mention, which I forgot to in yesterdays post, my DS Mark, he really is a sweet sensitive soul has also been collecting cans for the past year and it was his decision to save the money and give it to a charity. I suggested Bravehearts to him way back last year. He quickly agreed and so far has $55.00 whilst this isn't much, it is the fact that a 12 year old boy has choosen to give the money away instead of spending it on another PS game, or DVD or a new skateboard or whatever kids WANT these days.

I am so proud of him and honoured to say he is my son.

Take care everyone and I hope someone touches you today or you pay it forward and touch someone today.
Tracy :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I am a winner and so lets donate to charity

Yip I have finally won a challenge. For the May OTP project over at RSS we had to create something from stratch and this is my winning entry.

My dd has no excuse now for finding her her hair brushes. Yip I got the jigsaw out and cut the timber and made this dress shaped holder for her hair brushes.
The pp is Rose Moka (my favourite at the moment), skirt made out of tuelle sprayed with glimmer mist, belt is black velvet ric rac with fushia rhinestones. Necklace is our 13inch glass beads and our silver pendant in the centre. Flowers with flower charm on skirt also.

Here is another OTP that I created from stratch, its a princess crown pen pot or whatever my DD wants to use it for.

Again I used the yumy Rose Moka papers, our black felt scroll ribbon, tuelle as a bow, our pink flower from teh 200 bulk pack, our eye pins, daisy flower charms and lots of rhinestones.

In the promotions section on my website I have 4 different shaped kits you can purchased and for each one sold $4.00 will be going to Bravehearts the charity to help children who have been victims of sex abuse. You can find out more details of the charity here: bravehearts

Each kits consists of 5 pieces to make up your kit.

They have been cut into size and only need 1 sheet of paper to cover them. I used doubled sided pattern paper and used the alternate pattern to cover the sides.
There is an example of this dress in our gallery.

They aren't perfect, as I cut them myself by the jigsaw, but are not too bad, just may need a bit of sanding. I have started to paint the edges for you in white then though you may like another colour so there is only one coat on them. There is bits of paint on the raw timber side but this will be covered by your paper.

Also you also purchase other items at time of purchasing this kit 10% of your order will also be donated to Bravehearts
If possible please try not to pay by paypal as I am charged fees and would prefer any extra money to go the charity not to Paypal.

I will keep everyone updated with the tally of money raised here on my blog.

Thanks for your support everyone

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rusty Pickles Classes and a bonus Making Memories Class

Okay so Wednesday was a very long and tiring day and unforunately I don't have much to show you.

Firstly I want to explain I am not much of a fan of mini albums, I mean, I have enough 12x12 albums filling up the cupboards as it is without adding more to the collection. And apparently Lance is an off the page kind of guy (in more ways than one LOL) so you can imagine how dissapointed I was to find it was all mini albums.

He is an awesome teacher and I highly recommend going to his classes if you teach and enjoy mini albums. He was full of tips and hints for teaching and selling your products. Had great techniques on how to cover things that were going crap during class (he used the word crap alot LOL) which he displayed very well when our kits didn't arrive till 4pm, giving us only an hour to complete.

The album in the back we started at 4pm so its just about completed but missing the title and a few bits inside. He had Rock Star as his title.

The album on the right was also a half completed job since the kits hadn't arrived and they had to quickly make us up kits that morning. So I suppose the bonus was we got to do a half mini album with products to spare and also the other kit to take home when it finally arrived.

We had a bit of spare time to kill while waiting for the kits so we quickly rustled up a half completed layout using the Pop Stars range. The butterfly is pulled up to reveal a photo or jounalling underneath. Not yet on a layout as not found the right photo or the time to finish it but because I have had emails asking where is the work we did here this is all you are getting at the moment ;)

The first class of the morning, not with Lance, was using the Making Memories new I Do range and slice. I am not allowed to show you it as it is for shops to use a class kit, but I think I will be able to show you a snippet of it with the long stemmed bud black chipboard that I now stock but only 6 left, last time I checked.

The poor guy was rushing at the end of class to get to another class but we wanted photos with him and here is proof I did go to the classes a photo of mum and I with Lance. I have no idea why I am in such a stupid pose! The other photo was worse!

So ladies I am sorry to say not much to show, I did however buy lots of products, including most of their chipboard that they had in stock. So get in quick . As I am not sure when they will be restocked again- you will find them under misc in the chipboard section. Also stocked up on some Bo Bunny papers and more Rusty Pickle.

Have a fab long weekend

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am like a child on Christmas Eve

Yip I am so fricken excited ... off to Brisbane tomorrow (not that isn't anything to get excited about .. going on the train at 6.30am in the morning, is the sun up at that time?) oh the exciting part is what I am going to do when I get there. I am attending classes with Lance Anderson, the owner of Rusty Pickle. Yip he is teaching two jam -packed classes using some of Rusty Pickles’ latest releases. And as well as Lance’s classes we get to do a bonus class, using the new Making Memories ‘I Do’ Range and images cut from the yet to be released Wedding Slice Cartridge. And wait there is more we also get to play with a brand new product from an exclusive new line to be released at these classes!

We will also be going home with completed projects that are ready for me to upload on the web. Holy cow I am excited. Doesn't take much does it LOL

So if you do email me tomorrow I won't be answering you na na na na cause I'm not here LOL

Must get away and get my photos and stuff ready for my early morning rise

See ya Thursday
Take care

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Free Gift of the Month

Free Gift with every paid purchase during the Month of June

3 metres of cotton ric rac ribbon
(1 metre of 3 various colours)
NO minimum purchase amount required and NO  limit of how many times you can receive the free gift (however I can't guarantee you won't receive different coloured ribbon for each order)


Free Referral Thank You Gift

Another way to receive a free gift is to refer someone to my2angels. 

They must pay for their order and mention you at checkout.

  There is no limit to how many times you can receive a free referral thank you gift

Have a great week