Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Follow up to yesterdays Charity Call

You know how when you receive an email or someone leaves a comment and it just touches you and whatever comes your way during the course of the day, you can face it because someone has taken the time out of their busy day to leave you a note. I wonder if people realise how much these comments mean to you? Well today I received a comment in my guestbook and it really really touched me, you know when you want to cry and your jaw aches but you don't cry well that is me as I type this posting.

Hetty Johnson the founder of Bravehearts took the time out of her day to leave me a note to thank me for raising funds to assist the charity (see yesterdays post)

Pop into my guestbook (link above my blog header) and see her comments she left me.

On behalf of all the Children ... we thank you Hetty

And I must also mention, which I forgot to in yesterdays post, my DS Mark, he really is a sweet sensitive soul has also been collecting cans for the past year and it was his decision to save the money and give it to a charity. I suggested Bravehearts to him way back last year. He quickly agreed and so far has $55.00 whilst this isn't much, it is the fact that a 12 year old boy has choosen to give the money away instead of spending it on another PS game, or DVD or a new skateboard or whatever kids WANT these days.

I am so proud of him and honoured to say he is my son.

Take care everyone and I hope someone touches you today or you pay it forward and touch someone today.
Tracy :)


Sue said...

Tracy, just checked out your guest book and it brought a tear to my eye. Thank goodness we have angels like Hetty to look out for our kids! And angels like you and your DS for supporting her! Well done both of you! I hope I can raise my DD with the same sort of social conscience that you have obviously instilled in your son. Be proud!

MyLittleTeapot said...

You are a blessing to others Tracy as well as your DS Mark. You brought him up well. You must be really proud.


Shazza said...

You have an award!!
Go check out my blog :)