Thursday, June 18, 2009

New flowers have arrived.

Our delivery of flowers finally arrived this afternoon, and 6 hours later they are all up on the website, except one small brown flower. Sun disappeared on me and my camera just didn't like the colour - what do cameras know, obviously a male cause I like it. Its the same as the larger brown flower just in 23mm size. Hopefully tomorrow my camera will behave so I can get it listed.

I have also sorted out the flower out in colour categories which you may find easier.

I am loving the frangipanis and the skeleton leaves and now I can finish the 2 layouts that have been waiting for this delivery. Maybe tomorrow though cause really I would rather snuggle up on the couch with some hunky bloke and watch TV. Sadly no hunk in sight and just rubbish on TV tonight!!!! Oh how boring is my life, mind you I would rather have my life than Judy Moran at the moment, man oh man I can see Underbelly Series 43 in the making!

Here is just a snippet of some of the flowers.

Oh but these brown ones would have to be my favourite.

Or these ones?

Whilst some of these are your classic mulberry flowers, you will find a few interesting and different ones in stock. There is limited supply on these, and I will reorder when they start to run out but they take up to 6 weeks to arrive. With that in mind I have already order some canna lillies and pretty star flowers on stems, which will be 5-6 weeks away.

Don't forget any orders that includes the promotional kits, 10% of the total order will be donated to Bravehearts. See the promotions section on our site.

Okay would love to stay and chat but I am over the computer for now
Have a great night everyone
Tracy :)


Tracey said...

Oh wow! These look gorgeous

lexie said...

love the new flowers and the skeleton leaves all so yummy
Tracey the lace doilys I was getting them from the supermarket or party supply shops....but I have just discovered a stall at the market that sells them super cheap $2.oo a pack and there are lots in it email me if you would like me to get you some...oxo

Sue said...

I am drooling...
They look great, will have to get me some of these!

amanda73 said...

gorgeous flowers, shortly i will do an order... after i get back from getting connor