Saturday, August 16, 2014

The finishing touches

Today during my scrapbook class I got to make a page for myself too and wanted to show you how you can add some final touches to a project.

This is how far I got during class: 
 You can see my original class project hereI skipped a few embellishments and used stickers instead. It was alright like this, but a little flat. Plus, I ripped a bit of that heart stickers and it needed to be covered (who said there were no mistakes in scrapbooking?!)
So I started looking through my box of my2angels goodies and a few little things were perfect for my project.
First, the zigzag paper was outlined with a length of 

a pretty white Charming Family Word embelly and a cute little ladybug pin matched perfectly. 
The little charm says "family", which suits me fine because this little lighthouse is in Moritzburg, Saxony, near where my family is from.
 The tear in the heart sticker was covered with a star flower and a clock charm (bye bye mistake).
The heart was outlined with Strawberry Shortcake sugar beads and the flower stickers were given centres with Licorice Twist sugar beads

 And here we go, it's all embellished nicely:
I hope you like it too.

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Marie Mazz CAIRNS said...

beautiful little details - love them all - specially the bling on the zig zags, great creative idea !