Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Award

I am so happy, I have never received a blog award and today dear Lady Grace awarded me with this. She is amazing and I still can't believe she has been only scrapbooking since Oct 08, I reckon she did a typo on the year LOL.

As she said in her post, A blessing is more rewarding if we share it to somebody else. So, I would love to give the same award to 3 of my new friends:

1. Lexie - She is always quick to tell me how she created something when I ask. Love your sharing and your work Lexie

2. Nat - her layouts are beautiful and I keep annoying her about creating my blinkies ;)

3. Tracey because I love her work and she was the first person to leave a comment on my blog, so I felt like I wasn't alone :)

Now that took me over an hour. Everyone I have meet recently while becoming a self confused blog addict has awesome blogs that keep me reading till all hours in the morning and inspire me with their beautiful work and some laughs :)

Oh and I did have a sort of detour to the kitchen and indulged in this !!!

How good does that donut look, from Donut King??? Yip it tasted as good as it looks, had some chocolate stuff inside.

Hmm I don't know why I am struggling to fit into my clothes at the moment?

Now I am off to run up the stairs 23,000 times ;)

Tracy :)


OrLaNd said...

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Tracey said... are so sweet Tracy.. Thank you for the award. Oh and did you save a donut for me too.....LOL