Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

I know I said last night that I would post the other challenges I completed for the cyber crop BUT I have been in front of the computer all day and basically I am over it and too tired - sorry!

So instead - My EX husband is Irish, did I mention he is my EX?, so to acknowledge my angels heritage I have the following video for you. I have been in Ireland on Paddy's Day and that was quite an education. Every town has its own parade, and the guiness is certainly flowing. The hardest choice is to decide which pub to go to. My EX husbands home town has a population of something like 10,000 people and there was 28 pubs, and that didn't include the golf club and other sports clubs etc. And I tell ya some of the best Irish jokes I have heard was when I was in Ireland! You got admire them, they can laugh at themselves.

So to be sure to be sure and ENJOY

PS Not bad dancing from a 40 year old ah? Oh and Mark just watched it and reckons he looks like a girl (the one with his real head!) ROFL

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