Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Self Adhesive Felt Frames - New Release

My new self adhesive felt frames have arrived. Yip designed by me, not highly exciting designs but still I am happy with the end result. I was thinking of the new friends ribbons when I designed them, hence the colours and why they are in the photo. I did want more detail on them but unfortunately it boiled down to money:( However I still live in hope every Saturday night at 8.30pm when these colorful balls drop out of the barrel!

I just can't seem to get a good photos of the girlfriends ribbons, so click on the photo to enlarge and maybe you might get a better picture.

So anyway the good news is, cause I am on such a high with their arrival I am offering everyone free frames - whats the catch you ask?? Yeah sorry there is one!

Spend over $25.00 (not including postage) and you will receive 1 FREE frame
spend over $35.00 (not including postage) and you will receive 2 FREE frames

Plus thats not all, a 24 piece steak knife set with a life time guarantee as seen on TV. Yeah whatever ... no something far more useful that that! You will also receive our free gift of the month which is a roll of xpress-it 6mm double sided tape.

And for the very important fine print:

Offer ends 31st March 09 so all items must be paid for by then
Let me know which frame/s you are wanting
Mention at checkout you saw this on my blog

Its 12.23am and I am half way through a layout using the white frames. The angels aren't here tonight which means no schoolrun in the morning, so I can stay up late to finish it then sleep in. Life just doesn't get any better, unless Mel Gibson (looking like he did in the movie "Forever Young") just happen to knock on the door

Nite all
Tracy :)

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