Friday, March 20, 2009

Homemade Spiders

Homemade spiders - was my latest creative brainwave. Not something quite as exciting as the invention of sliced bread but nevertheless pretty impressive for me! These brainwaves of mine happens occassionally, when the brain isn't out getting serviced!. Can be quite frightening sometimes like take the earthquake felt in the pacific ocean this morning - that was me thinking of a new design for my stamp range I am working on!

So going back to the spiders - just take a deep breath all you Arachnephobics you will be fine cause as you see they are made from buttons, staples and ric rac ribbon which has been cut in half.

It was part of a cyber crop challenge over at Ready, Set, Scrap! Top 50 Scrapbook Sites. Go and checkout the amazing and inspiring layouts in the gallery.

Sorry I have to go back to the spiders. Its not like I know what the phobia is of spiders nor how to spell it so I did a search on yahoo (I'm not much of a google girl) and came across this site The Phobia List OMG have a look at the list of phobias there is even a phobia for fear of numbers or the fear of plants and I only got up to the B's. Seriously how do we live?

Whilst I shouldn't joke about phobias because some are quite serious. Take my partner, he is scared of spiders! I mean of course he should be he is a BIG Maori fellow with size 10 shoe! who freaks when he cames across a 2cm wide spider????

My advice of the day - face your fears - yeah right I have Hypsiphobia

Tracy :)

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