Thursday, February 26, 2009

My role as a mother has prepared her

Yes I am still waiting patiently for my new charms to arrive, so to post something today (and to ignore my washing machine beeping at me telling me the load is washed and get off my butt and hang it out) I am posting a personal item today. As a mother we are always so proud of our children's achievements, as these are also our achievements and our thanks for raising them. So on Tuesday morning I went to the school assembly because my baby was voted in as a student councillor. The local councillor was there to give out their badges and interesting enough acknowledged, in her role, she has to work with a very difficult bunch of people and issues (hell don't we know it - I reckon it is the most reported item on A Current Affair). And it was then I realised, as her mother, I have prepared her well in this new role of hers


Debating - This is practiced on a daily basis mainly when told to got to bed
Negotiation - Daily. Negotiations usually involve playing first then a promise of doing her homework after dinner
Compromise - If she buys a McDonalds Happy Meal will she have enough for something from the pretty hair ties and jewellery shop which is temptingly located next to maccas!
Leadership - While mum is out of the room she will tell her brother what to do! This usually leads to MANY other skills her brother teaches her
Patience - To listen to one of my daily "lectures"
Time Management - Pack charms and watch TV (this is still a difficult one for her brother to undertake)
Preparation - Ensure bedroom is tidy before she asks to go and play
Understanding - To understand the pain and lengthly process of giving birth to her at 10 pounds and 5 ounces. This is at times told to remind her when many of the above examples is put into practice

Whilst there are too many more skills to list that I have taught her, I must also acknowledge her brother in the preparation of this new role. His support in her debating, negotiation, self defense, patience and criticism skills have been outstanding.

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