Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brads - tips and examples of using them

Tips for using Brads - so I set myself the task or should I say challenge of using brads, a product I haven't used in a very long time. I am a firm beliver of using the products we have at because how can I recommend or even give tips of using our products if I don't use them myself. Also I want to ensure that they are easy to use, not faulty and good valve for money.

This is a page I have finally finished, which I had sitting around for over a week. I had 3/4s of it completed but I just couldn't finish it! Our crystal brads, glitter brads and metal brads have all been used. (One day I will figure out how to upload my pages larger so you don't have to click on them to get a bigger view! If anyone knows to do this, please let me know.)

All products, except the pens I used, are available at our website, including the corner love stamp which arrived last week.

As you can see I have used our pink crystal brads as the dot for the "i". You can use your brads in all in sorts of ways for your titles, and I will include more examples in further posts.

I used rub ons for the pink metal brads and drew a white heart onto the black metal brad and finished them off with dimensional magic. Wait for the white pen to be touch dry before putting on the DM. I am so impatience and always have to touch things to see how dry they are, (causing many redo's in the past) so thankfuly I finished this page at 1 this morning so the white pen was left to dry overnight. The black hearts I took off the heart border from our Kaisercraft "All Girl" rub ons.

And lastly, I used our glitter brads to embellished our self adhesive pink scrolll ribbon.

I hope I have has given you some ideas, or a reminder of using brads in your creations.


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