Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends Ribbons

Friends Ribbons designed by me, again, (do I sound proud and excited?) have arrived. I just love the boys one, which I might add have been given the seal of approval by 12 year old son angel.

The boys ribbons have a bit of a grunge effect on the edges with the words - chilling out, mates, pals, hanging around and buddies

For the girls we have girlfriend, girls talk, girls just wanna have fun, best friends and friendship with scattered flowers

They are 1.3cm wide by 1 metre and I will never cut through a word, so you may get more than a metre. Each metre is $1.90 from
in our ribbon section

PS Sorry about the photography, will get a better one, later on but I just wanted to quickly get them out for everyone to see.

Have a fantastic day

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