Sunday, February 15, 2009

Layout of Letter to Santa completed

The layout of Letter to Santa is completed - after 4 days and an unorthodox beginning! I am happy with the results, as I like working with bold colours. I will resist trying to fill in the blank gaps, as I need to remind myself it is okay to have white spaces or black as the case may be on this page. Sorry the pages aren't as clear as they are in person but I find it difficult to get a good shot using black paper in our wonderful Gold Coast sun.

To complete it I did a bit of doodling around the edges of the page & threw on some red rhinestones. I love my Christmas tree using our silver glitter ribbon and silver metal star with the legs being pieces from the white felt ribbon. I used our jet black stazon ink and the bottom piece of the exclamation mark from doodling stamps to decorate the arrow then sealed it with dimensional magic(sorry I have no idea who the supplier is for the arrow, I found it amongst my ridicious amount of chipboard.)

In total this page cost $18.20 minus the stamps and dimensional magic. Whilst $18 may seem alot to some to spend on a page, you will plenty of items left over. For example I only used 1 white tag which leaves you 9 left in the packet, or 1 christmas tree charm leaving you with 4 more. So I think it is an economical page when you look at it like that. Everything used except the arrow can be found at our website

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