Friday, February 27, 2009

Create your own fonts

Create your own fonts oh yeah did I have fun with this website! Basically you print out their template, write your alphabet and numbers (be careful to write in between the lines), scan it then upload it and save into your font directory easy peasy. You even get to name it and copyright it. So we now officially have the Tracy font. This is a very quick example I did at 12.05am this morning.

Just pop on over to and IT'S FREE. I did see someone mention they should ask for donations and I have to agree, it would save some people loads of money, having this available at no cost.

So there you have it people some things in life are free :)

Have fun everyone I am off to bed

PS I have to acknowledge this information was received via the Scrap Gossip Newsletter from Aussie Scrapbooking">

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