Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whats your favourite page title or quote?

I need your help!
Okay ladies time for some new designs but I want your views on it...
Now I know you are out there, I see the visitor count tick over each day. So make yourself known and tell me, what page title or quote  you use on your layouts / OTP / cards for boys and girls, the most. Would you want this on a stamp or ribbon or chipboard or other type of item
 You will go in the random prize draw to receive these felt products and ribbons (and knowing me I will find more items to add to the packs). 
The more people that email me with their favourites for BOTH boy and girl, the more prize packs I will have to give away.
Please let me know before the end of May 09 by either emailing them through to me via the comments page on my website or leaving a comment on my blog.
Thanks everyone


Anonymous said...

Hi T
my favourite page title for both boys and girls would have to be "together"

Luv Na xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Gurlie

My favourite page title would have to be 'friends 4ever'...


MyLittleTeapot said...

For me I love the quote from Jerry Mguire movie "You complete me"and "Help me, help you


Thanks for your sweet note on my blog, you're funny :P

Anonymous said...

Loving the response so far, thank you ladies.
I have to agree how beautiful is that quote "You complete me". Thanks LG :)

kym said...
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kym said...
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kym said...

Man i will get it right in a minute i'm sure!!!!

Ok hi there gorgeous!!!
How about "5 things to know about....."
LOL, i'm such a spaz!!!

Shazz said...

I would probably use a stamp that says "The Gang's All Here".
Or maybe a stamp that says "Friends. Buddies. Pals"

I think stamps are a bit more flexible cause you can use them over and over again or only ink up part of the stamp to use on a LO or a card.

melodydamom said...

hiya for a girl i use gorgeous girl or precious.

for my girls a lot.

for a boy i used hard at work for my hubby

Jo said...

For Boys I use words like Mischief, Fun, Brothers etc. For quotes hmmm..... "Rough and Tumble", Dirt magnet" "Boys just want to have fun" Hope that helps!!

Sue said...

Hi Tracy!
My favourite quotes for girls and boys are "Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse" and "Boys will be boys". (Both can be used for a multitude of situations...or I think either of these could make lovely stamps or perhaps transparency overlays?

lexie said...

Hi Tracy...thanks for stopping by my answer your question I sure did cut out all the flowers for nats challenge and layered them.....I may be nuts but I find cutting relaxes me.....Now for favorite titles.... boy/girl....sweet....precious princess...cheeky.... I like to use quotes as titles as they can double up for journaling.. oh the list could go on for for ribbon or stamps love stamps you can do so much with ribbon but not so keen on it with words I find it can be a bit restrictive.....hope you have a fun filled weekend oxo

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

I love some but these are my faves
1.Just us
2. Kinship
3. Adore