Monday, May 25, 2009

I was once a photographer ...

Yip I was once a photographer, even did a few weddings in my early days, won a few competitions, but that was all pre kids days! Now I am not so sure and it seems I have let my skills drift away ever so slightly.

Now DD is in the school soccer team and last week, on her birthday, we were hoping that she would finally score a goal (being the only girl in the team the boys tend to ignore her abit but hey she should be use to that having a 12 year old brother!). Her good friend in the team had words with the other boys and told them to pass to her as much as possible since it's her birthday and they did kick it to her a few times which was pretty good odds for 10 year old boys.

We were both pretty excited and so I am on the side line going up and down finger on the trigger button ready for that moment, turning camera off and on, too scared the battery might run out. Yelling out encouragement and trying to tone down my thoughts of "Are you fricken kidding why did you kick it over there - theres NO ONE THERE" (this appears to be a common occurence in the under 10s team!). We both just knew today would be the day she would get her first goal and with a near miss in the first 10 minutes, the anticipation for both of us was building. Half time came and went, still no goal but again the odds were good she was getting the ball alot. Now with only 5 minutes to go, we both felt the moment was drifting away and to try and not show my dissapointment for her I started chatting to the teacher and we kind of, you know how it is, forget everything around you and yak yak yak, then I remember where I was at and look up to see what was happening in the game ... and at that precise moment I see Sarah with her arms in the air ya hooing and the biggest grin.

What? did you OMG did you score I turn to the teacher did she score? (Like she flippen watching!!! Good one coach!) Quickly I aim with my camera and shot the moment ... oh yeah my baby has scored oh yeah her idiot mother has the camera turned off!!! Yip a photo of the goalie holding the ball GOOD ON YA MUM.

Here is a photo of the superstar ...

But I do have a photo of the near goal remember? And I did get a few good shots of her throughout the game I know I can't jusify the small fact that I missed HER FIRST GOAL!!! Hey but I got her a rip stick for her birthday she really really wanted one, even got the colour she hinted at BUT yeah I know a moment in her life, gone! Not captured can't scrapbook it, no photos to show the grandchildren! Puff GONE!

I seem to have a habit of missing some of the important moments, here is a photo of my son's FIRST EVER Rugby League Try

Okay there was a try just to the left and quite a bit further down! Yip his first try except in my excitment I threw my arms in the air carying on with the ya hooing AGAIN and then click. Yeah I know, not click then throw arms up in air ...

So quicky realising what I had done, I bring the camera down and click. No you idiot don't click half way bringing the camera down into position and get a photo of the bloody car park ... get your son in the damm photo thats why you have the camera!!!!

Hey but I do have over 4 hours on video of Mark when he was about to walk ... 4 hours of it cause he was a late starter and we always thought today he was going to walk today - oh I did get a photo of that moment though - she says with proud smile and thank god I didn't miss that moment.

Gone is the dream of being a photographer when I grow up ah? Maybe just still photography for me and not action shots ah?

Like this card I made for the Scraplounge CC this weekend, it didn't move so I was safe in getting it uploaded by tonights deadline. We had to create a card but not your usual square shape.

I might just quickly and quietly go now, before I think of more "blonde" moments to share.

Hey and don't forget BACK UP YOUR DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOS FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE - you don't want a Tracy moment - do you?

PS They won 10 - nil


Karen A said...

Once a photographer - great to see you've still got it (of sorts....)

Sue said...

LOL...thanks for the giggle to start my day!

Shazza said...

Thats soo funny Tracy, thats the type of pics I take lol..
thanks for the laugh......

MyLittleTeapot said...

Great photos Tracy! Love all the angles! you need to go out more and take more amazing photographs and have fun