Friday, March 18, 2011

Websters Spring Market

I have been having a little bit of a play with the new Websters Spring Market Collection ... whilst it is definitely a foodie paper range there are still many typical Websters Designs amongst it that could be used for other themes but ... 

DS has been doing Food Studies at High School for the past 2 years so it was the perfect papers for him and especially as he loves ephemera

So here they are all nice and simple which is what I need at the moment (see more details further down) and remembering no flowers or buttons allowed on DS layouts

on these layouts I have used ...

lots of bakers twine 

and every foodie layout needs our spoon charms 
mushroom charms
apple charms

(whoops alright I left the two blokes of the house alone in the kitchen to bake (silly me!) and they used castor sugar instead of icing sugar for icing ... gee I wonder why my piping bag split!!!!)

Love these jars!


how good do these Butterfly Cakes look? 

DS got an"A" for these and he came home with a big grin on his face and announce that the Head of Department also agreed with the A grade ... After my taste test I also gave him an A  but made a very quiet comment that perhaps a little sugar in the icing would have been good ... LOL his teacher made the icing!!!  say no more!


Title is made from our White and Silver Banners and with the AC  I Do Thickers Emerald Hay ... perfect colour match with the yellow in this range

DS cooking our lunch one year while camping (had to get a photo of the actually event happening as he doesn't do it at home unless you count putting a bowl of nachos and cheese in the microwave!!!)

and last layout, a very very simple one but love the idea of the circle pendant with a spoon charm in the middle

I do have a recipe box in the making for when my baby boy leaves home, fill of his favourite recipes that I cook for him and recipes from his Food Studies classes but that is on hold at the moment ...

because life threw a big curve ball at me in the early hours of Wednesday morning (thankfully like many of you, I am late night scrapper)  at 12.30am I heard the lady next door crying out to her husband and mother.  I am use to hearing her crying, yelling and throwing things because she is suffering from depression and I believe bipolar.  But after some time of no one was answering her I yelled out to her to make sure she was alright.  She wasn't!  She has tried to killed herself by jumping off the balcony and landing on the concrete.  After some time of banging the door down (and waking my DD by the noise) I managed to get her mother awake and an ambulance called. (just for reference ... NOT ONE neighbour came out to see what was happening despite 2 ambulances with bright lights on outside and a lot of noise and commotion!)

To cut a VERY LONG story short and probably the aim of why I am mentioning this is because people here in the complex have been gossiping and  judging her as a drug addict because of her behaviour but as a past sufferer of depression (and still get bouts of it) this is a nasty nasty illness to have, I was only just emailing to a friend about an hour before the incident, who is feeling like she is in a downward spiral at the moment due to her depression. 

The frustrating thing I found personally was I felt I had no control of it.

I didn't want to feel like that and wanted to get motivated but my body and the other half of my brain was telling me otherwise.

I don't think she really want to kill herself, gosh she has two young boys to live for amongst other things but again the brain and body are telling her otherwise!

I keep going over and over the events of that night and thank god for myself and most importantly, for her family that she landed the way she did because I could have come across an even worse situation than I did.

While typing this I asked another friend for her opinion on the subject as really this is a "business blog" not a personal blog but she said definitely I should and also added ...

I had really bad PND after having my son....and ended up in hospital for nearly 2 weeks....I was just absolutely not myself at all.....and I think what people need to know is it's an illness that people CAN'T HELP!! Others REALLY need to reach out more.....I had ppl that would look after my son here and there....but nobody ever actually came over for a coffee and asked "how are you going".......that's what we really lack in our society today.....CARING & COMPASSION!
I think your awesome for talking about it! I tell people all the time...and I really don't care what they think......the more people who care...maybe the more people who won't feel so dire!!

I could keep typing forever about this  but I really just wanted to say before we go judging other people take a step back because we don't always know the full story 

On a lighter note of this story, all the males in my house and her house (total of 5)  SLEPT through the whole ordeal !!!!  Say no more LOL

and now I gotta go and clean this up


cause Melissa O'Neill aka AussieScrapper is coming to stay this weekend and I am sure we will scrap a little amongst the chatting and perhaps a glass of wine or two (actually this is tidy compared to some days, I can see table, oh and note I didn't take photos to the right and behind the table that would be really embarrassing!)

Hope you all have a creative and relaxing weekend


Kim said...

these are all fab tracy I like how they are all different, especialy love your use of the twine, have a great~weekend too

amanda73 said...

loving all those layouts, just gorgeous

Cathy said...

All such yummy LO's Tracy.. love those Websters pp's!! So sorry to hear about your neighbour, you are right, people just don't want to get involved and it's a very sad thing.. thank goodness you were there to help! Have a fab weekend :)

Toni Cartwright said...

These LO are all so Yummy.. great use of that paper..
Oh dear sorry to hear about your neighbour.. you are spot on thou people in this world dont care anymore.. Most people these days care only about them selves..
It is sad but its the way this world is going.. all i can say bout your neigbour is thanks god your a scrapper and you were up so late!!!!!!!!! you have a great weekend...

Moonie said...

Got so much respect for you Tracy for blogging this.. I ... as you know got PND after Corey was born and me... Im always the happiest in the street!!! but it happens to anyone no matter who or what you are.. so yes... I agree.. no one can help.. medication helped me... I am still on the tablet. Have been on and off twice in 8 years. I now have a chemical imbalance and that is why I still need to be on them. So be it.. if this keeps me balanced and as the MOONIE I am.. well that suits my family and I. I am just one of the lucky ones I guess who has a tablet that can help me.
btw.. I love what you have done in your layouts. very clever ducki indeed. and as for you and Mel.... ummmm... Jealous to the max xxxx have a blast you two. x

aussiescrapper said...

I too have suffered from Depression in the past as as Lisa mentioned all would say I am the happiest in my street too, you have no control over it, isn't it funny but with the tradgedy's like the floods and Yasi there was so much compassion and love shown but when it is a tradgedy of the mind and no-one can see the damage, they just ignore....a friend told me once re: her experience with depression that it would have been so much better to have broken legs as people would have flocked to help her.....but were quick to say, "just pull yourself out of it" ignorance is a curse I tell you. I cannot wait to scrap and have a wine dear friend, Nate is super excited to meet your kids too. See you soon. Melxx - These layouts are gorgeous, how clever are you with those jars. Melxx

Jessemiah said...

Ok Firstly...LOVE what you've done with the websters!!! Those jars with the cherry charm look awesome!!! And yup having fully suffered PND to the max.....I get it!!! The world is SO LUCKY to have caring people like you : ) When you've had/got don't want people to feel sorry for you.....just want a little bit of understanding and's an illness that CANNOT just be fixed by "getting over it" or "just trying to be happy".....I could go on forever....I just want to say thanks for sharing! Love and Peace you GORGEOUS lady you xox

Wendy said...

I agree with all of the above ... it is a sad world and some people 'just don't understand' depression! You are indeed an 'Angel' I am sure you're neighbour would 2nd that!!!
on another note love the LO's, a teenager who cooks {drool, drool} LOL!! AND I am SO jealous that you get to meet the lovely Mel & the cute Mr Nate, this weekend! She was one of my first blogging friends and brightens my days regularly with her blog love! Enjoy & have fun my 2 buddies!!! xx

donna said...

good for you hun for getting it 'out there'. Depression is most certainly the quiet disease that no one likes to talk about... and you know that in the last few years that I have tried to get it out there. I have been diagnosed as 'clinical depressed' for the last 10 years. Your neighbour was lucky that you were aware that night that something was not quite right. xxxooo