Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OTP Sewing Kit

 OTP Sewing Kit

Here is my latest OTP ... I have so many threads and twine in a tangled mess in a basket that I thought it was about time I sorted it out!  

Using a box I have had forever from the Reject Shop ... I painted pink and then covered with picket fence crackle accent and random inking with black (sorry about the photography rather tricky to photograph with the glass in the door)

All pattern paper used is from the Echo Park Be Mine Collection 

Scrapware Lucie Turso .... back piece I have pattern paper and the top flourish piece first painted white then random pewter perfect pearls and again random black ink

Front top right corner

The other pendant I made some time ago using a black pearl, silver jump rings and a clear drop pendant, this is hanging from our new ball and chain

Side of box

I made a tag with cardstock and title it with Carolees Creations Tiny Flirtacious Alphas then added our black and white twine with a scissor charm and a ruler charm

 Top of the box

Scissor charms, lace, buttons and pearls and that large white safety pin is from DS when he was born ... I can't believe I still have it (yeah I tried the cloth nappy experience ... I didn't last long ... I think the final straw was when I pricked him with the pin!  Ouch sorry Mark!)

All the wooden thimbles I brought from Spotlight


LOVE these butterflies from our flower and butterfly packs .. the colours and thickness of these are so yummy (I placed one on top of a butterfly sticker)

That is our new pink flower beads inside our petite silver frames on the back wall

See our new telephone charm on the table ... how cute is it?

Oh and all the thimbles have velco on the base to secure them but still being functional

Here is a close up of them

 All the flowers on the top are from the Butterfly and Flower Packs ... I wish these photos could show you the colour and quality of them

The large grey flower is sitting on top of our black flower acrylic chain

 and if you are wondering about the lace flower on Lucie here is how I made it ...

Make your own lace flowers

I am sure many blogs out there have these instructions but if you haven't seen them here is my version ...

I have used the new frilly lace we have in stock


Cut a 1 inch circle out of scrap paper 

You will need approximately 20cm of lace ... I didn't cut mine until the end so not to waste any

Get your hot glue gun and put some glue on the outer edge ( you can use liquid glue but the hot glue gun is instant in adhering .. and with lace tape doesn't stick so well) 
Start to attach lace to glue going to the edge as much as possible

I used my tailor awl to put it in place ... hot glue is HOT and burns ... speaking from many experiences!

Apply more glue to complete the outer layer and attach lace

then complete the middle row same as above

you should now have a small area to complete your last layer then cut lace ... don't worry about the edge showing as you will cover this with whatever you are putting in the centre of your flower


Tidy up the starting piece of lace ... I just glued mine underneath

Fluff up your lace or squash it down depending on the finished effect you want
Finish off with a centre piece

I centred mine with a brown button and thread
A piece from our black flower chain 
and one with a brown button and one of our new brown aluminium flowers

We have 3 colours available in this lace which you will find in the ribbons and lace sections on our website

also here are a couple using our 2cm wide organza ribbon ... one centre with a pearl

And now I must get away and finish off my Websters Spring Market projects

Did you see a sneak peak of one of our new products?  
Nope can't tell you as still waiting for some of the products to arrive! 

Have a great day


Sandra D said...

Oh my goodness Tracy! Stunning everything - truly beautiful. I will be making some of those flowers - have loads of lace. Thanks for sharing :)

Jessemiah said...

OK...Al HAIL the otp QUEEN!!!!! I want one to!! Suddenley all my mixed up jumbled threads and twine are looking like a sad sorry mess.....Oh you rock Miss T!!! Love and Peace xox

Nay and Gilly said...

oooohhhhhhh! Luv this Tracy!! it would love awesome in MY Scrap room!! lol, but seriously its stunning!
Luv Renee

Melinda Spinks said...

Tracy you never cease to amaze me with the intricacy of your work... this is totally amazing and adorable all rolled into one project! :)

Toni Cartwright said...

WOW Tracy, what a beautiful sewing box you went to so much detail... i love it and thanks for sharing the flower making with us i love it you will be sure to see one of them on one of my pages soon..
you have a great day now and till next time bye for now

Kim said...

Gosh Tracy this is is just AMAZING!!!! what a fab fab fab idea, I am sooo haedingto spotlight for some of those empty spools LOVE IT TO PIECES!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous T! How cool is this?!?! love those little spools and well WOW just WOW for it all!! Awesome job!! W :)

Moonie said...

frig me girl.... you are so clever.. I cannot believe the work you spin out of your craft room.. and how did you manage to take those pics makign the rose with the lace without my fingers...mmmmm???

julie said...

What a gorgeous work! Suddenly I want to go build something similiar for some of my sewing miscellany.... I will visit your blog again someday.