Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Velvet Ribbon Head Bands

Velvet Ribbon Head Bands

With only 2 lengths of velvet ribbon with silicone swirl you can make at least 2 gorgeous flower headbands that any little girl will adore.

You will need: 1/2m of peach velvet ribbon and 3 pieces (about 10cm each) of Deep Pink, some elastic and 2 angel in heart charms and a little tulle if you want.

Just check my Echo Park Springtime blog post for how to make the ribbon flowers. Instead of a brad I used a little button in the centre of each flower (it hides any messes, LOL!) and you sew them directly on the velvelt ribbon.

I added a little angel in heart charm hearts on both ends (sew slightly under the flower to hide the loop). If you want to you can gather up a little tulle and sew it under the ribbon.

Before you sew the ribbon ends together grab a child of your choice (preferably a girl!) and measure around her head.

You should connect the 2 ends with a little piece of elastic to help it sit comfortably.

Already done! Now sit back and enjoy your little princess.

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Jessemiah said...

GORGEOUS Geli....WHat an awesome Idea!!! LOVE it....looks so beautiful and would make a fab pressie for any little girl : ) Love and Peace xox

Melinda Spinks said...

Such a sweet idea and what a gorgeous model. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

ann said...

Cute idea and yes what a sweet little model xx
Hi Tracy I read your cheeky comment Did you see your name on the list !!!!! lol

Kathie said...

Just gorgeous!!! Love those headbands how clever are you???
Thanks for sharing