Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Haunted House OTP

Haunted Halloween House
by me ... Tracy :)
excuse the background, I know lace isn't exactly the right backdrop for a haunted house but it was all I could find large enough (the house is over 30cm tall & on a base 50cm wide)

You should be able to click on the photo to get better view (if interested)

The house is made from a pizza box, you know the "clean" ones I post your papers out in
See starting with a template ....

And randomly ripping layers off then painted black

Ice block sticks were using for the fences all cut up in different lengths, painted black and drops of Spiced Marmalade Reinker .. perfect to use for this as they come with a eyedrop applicator

You know when you use a heat gun and the damm glue leaves stringing bits ... PERFECT ... looked like spiders webs so no need to tidy up this project LOL

Okay so starting with the front door which is falling off, hanging by silver glitter brads and ruffed up with a nail file.
To give the orange colour I inked the door with Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade and while it was still damp covered with Picket Fence Crackle paint spreading the orange ink throughout the paint

The number 31 is Black Thickers Jewelry Box which I attacked with a nail file

Keep Out sign ... just a piece of wood which splintered when I cut it up PERFECT!
Painted then finished off with our skulls and cross bones charm

Front of house....

All the gravestones are wood and heat embossed with Tim Holtz Frayed Burlap and in some parts I used Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink to give a moss effect - don't think you can see this very well with the photos

My pumpkins are just small styro balls covered with Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade and the stalks are roughly broken up wooden skewers painted brown

Scrapware Spider hiding behind a gravestone. Black inked with orange rhinestones for his eyes

The witch ... her hair I snipped off bits from DD witches wig, stryo head and the body is just a skewer (again) to make the shape then drapped some black material over it to make some form of dress

The cauldron is a larger styro ball.
Scooped some of the top out and pour liquid glue into it then dropped some Black Soot Reinker into it ... oh yeah ... another skewer used for the spoon/stick

The fire is just sticks from the garden and drops of Spiced Marmalade Reinker

Moving around to the side

Poor Barry M Deep - he meet with a grumsome death!
More supplies from the garden LOL dirt and stones

Around the back

All the windows have thick acetate which I bent and scrunched up and backed onto cardboard that had been inked with Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade.
The shutters are made from more of the pizza box and painted with Picket Fence Crackle paint

Another tragic death ... Justin Pieces!

and moving around to the last side

Our grey & black edged flowers scrunched up and centred with some eyeballs (from spotlight) and the stems are black painted skewers

Another Scrapware Spider on the roof - he was inked with Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade and for a hairy / furry appearance I heat embossed the body with Black Puff Embossing Powder

Hanging out on the roof is a Scrapware witches on broom whose body is covered with Black Diamond Stickles, Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade for the broom and the moon is white puff embossing powder

I didn't get around to it but I really wanted to have some witches feet coming out from underneath the house maybe I will add them another day

Sorry the photos aren't the best we have rain rain and more rain here at the moment and I can't redo the photos just yet because I took this over to show Ann Lavin & the gorgeous Kim (from the Scraplounge) yesterday and some idiot decided to stop as soon as the lights turned orange, causing me to slam on my brakes, skidding and sending my bag crashing onto my house (:
Bit of re-gluing needed ...
bloody male driver!

Okay enough said LOL

Hope you all have a safe and dry (unless you want the rain) weekend

See ya during the week with some very awesome summer layouts from the DT and our Guest DT Melinda Spinks


Scrapware said...

Oh my goodness, this is fabulous!!!! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

scrappin' girl said...

This look AMAZING Tracy, hope you had a fab day with the "girls" yesterday !!!!

Wendy said...

Absolutely AWESOME Tracy! SO much work and SO much detail! I don't know how you do it!?! You are so clever, the pumpkins and cauldron ideas are fab! Hope you have got all that black paint off your hands (and clothes) now LOL!!

Melinda Spinks said...

Tracy this is just ghastly, ghoulish and spooky... and seriously fabulous! I am in amazed everytime you come up with a different abode, so much patience girl! Now I can see why the 'bug' would have come in handy :)

ann said...

Yes poor Tracey was so upset when she arrived with her haunted house in hand..the witch was dead with head in the mixture she was making'' the fence broken with the impact of Tracy and her foot on the
The house is amazingly fabulous IRL I love your projects Tracey and stop worrying the photos are terrific and I had so much fun with you yesterday xxxx

Lisa K said...

You always do the most AMAZING off the page stuff - this is SERIOUSLY amazing - I LOvE it

Anonymous said...

oh no Tracy - you must have met the idiot I met coming from your place - $#%$# drivers

loving the house - it's just swesome

Chantal said...

LOVE THIS Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How amazingly awesome is this!!!

I love the humour as well - Soooooo funny!!!! Very very very well done.

Love the eyeball flowers! Love the graves - love the whole freakin' house, hey!!! :D :D :D

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lexie said...

Such a clever little chicky you this to bits....looking forward to your next gob smacking gorgeous project.....oxo

Kim said...

I am speechless Tracy this i sjust sooooooooooo fabulous, I am astounded how much detail you have put into it....AMAZING

aussiescrapper said...

TRACY OMG this is totally amazing, magnificent, wow, you are so very clever, wow, did you have a piece in front of you for inspiration or is all this imagination in that little head of yours. WOW, Nate is sitting on my lap whilst looking at it saying OOH scary MUMMY, wow you have to enter this somewhere, to the mags or something, this is the most spectatular house with the most incredible detail I have seen, wow, wow. Melxxxxx oh and Nate

janine said...

OMG so looove this stunning stuff always love your attention to detail you are the queen of OTP creations TFS Take Care Janine xx

Leanne said...

oh my bloomin goodness. that is amazing.. such detail...wowzers.. fantastically scary.. and oh so funny at the same time.. those dearly departed names..LOL.. crack up.. thanks for sharing this awesomeness...

Kylie said...

how very cool is this house!!! love those googley eyes in the flower center! & everything else about it!!

Corinne Harrison said...

OK everyone, now THIS is how you do a haunted house! Amazing Trace, love all your mediums and embellishments it's just perfect!!

Liz Weber said...

Amazing work Tracy, so creative, so spooky, so clever.. Just love how many bits and pieces came together to create such a unique piece of art!

You have an amazing knack for creating way outside the box, thanks for sharing!