Monday, January 19, 2009

Rock n Roll Charms have arrived

Rock and Roll Charms have just arrived. Today I received a new shipment of charms and included in this order were microphones and Rock and Roll Hearts. The microphones are not the usual solid silver metal that I usually have which is probably just as well as they would be too heavy. They measure 3.5cm long, 1mc wide and 1cm deep (at its widest point). The hearts are 28mm x 30mm long and they are a solid silver metal.

The charms will be listed at our website later on this afternoon (Monday).

See below a completed page using the new charms, our self adhesive black felt stars ribbon and our black organza ribbon. I started the page a couple of days ago and I was just awaiting the delivery of charms so I could finish it and upload. So there were benefits of all those years at Brownies and Girl Guides - be prepared ;) Just click on the photos if you want a larger view.

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