Sunday, January 11, 2009

The big day

So my 40th birthday started not too early (thanks kids for a small sleep in) at around 7ish they woke me and gave me my presents then mum arrived around 8am with breakfast and most importantly a couple of bottles of bubbles. Mum gave me 40 presents so for nearly half an hour I unwrapped each one

BUT then the camera came out so we had to stop while I got dressed and looked a bit more presentable than just my pjs on.

There we go abit more respectable but still not looking like Sharon Stone (see previous posting)

Oh did I mentioned that amongst all the presents there were little glitter 40th and stars (you know the things that you scatter around and still find 3 years later despite you have moved house twice!) And the photo below is mum tipping them all over me!

So after all that and TWO bottle of bubbles consumed by mum and I we headed off to I didn't know where. When we got to the end of the driveway, there was a limo waiting for mum and I to take us to ...

a 1 hour and 40 minutes of torture under the hands of a chinese man & lady in Helensvale, did I say torture I mean massage! How nice they looked until they got their hands on us! I am really embarrased at one point when he was massaging my face and he paused for a bit, oh crap I am thinking we had a recent case of nits in our household and OMG did I have them? Much to my relief he says "look you have little stars in your hair" PHEW. Hmm and so much for the hundreds of dollars I have spent over the years on anti aging and skin tighening creams which was totally wasted in a matter of minutes when started on the face massage, yanking and pulling on my face. Okay next we headed across the shops for a 1 and half hours of manicure and pedicure which was nice and relaxing bit like what they say about massages! NOT
(photo of mum enjoying the torture, did it again I mean massage. I didn't get a photo of the finger gestures she gave me after taking the photo)

The limo was waiting for us and we were driven around Surfers (also stopping off at the bottle shop for more supplies). Oh my angels and mum being silly buggers that they are decided to sprinkle the glitter and 40ths throughout my bag, so at the bottlo when I opened my wallet to pay, they were given some free decorations. Be handy if they were celebratigng their 40th anniversary! Then we finally arrived at the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch (I knew about this destination, the only thing of the day I was told about)

oh but it doesn't stop there.

Yes I am in pain!

Now remember I have had two children weighing 10.5 pounds and 10.3 pounds and I have to mention that was easy but a tattoo now that's is another story arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yip thats a lollipop in my mouth, I ate two of them and made a complete mess of the sticks as well.
So here it is, I am now no longer the virgin of the family (everyone has one but me)

You know what, crazy as it sounds I would probably go and get another one tomorrow. Bizarre they say its addicting but I have big concerns about gravity. I had thought of a cherub by my heart, holding a heart with SAM on it (Sarah and Mark) but how big will it look when gravity hits ya later on in life! Oh I forgot to mention I got the fern on my ankle.

So after a full on day with much wine consumed and 4 hours spent at the Hard Rock Cafe us old folk were pretty tired so we headed home to relax.

Had a fantastic day and can't wait to scrapbook my photos!

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