Friday, January 23, 2009

Completed cards made - one for a girl & one for a boy

Okay so the plan was to get an early night I had a deadline I needed to get some cards made by the following day. As I have been enjoying late nights, well more like early mornings, during the school holidays I had to start getting my body back into waking at 7am. This had been my plan for a week or so but once everyone has gone to bed I just can't resist working in the peace. I have achieve so many layouts these holidays working till the early hours but enough was enough.

So I headed of to bed at 9pm but only to be woken half an hour later by my darling daughter yelling out to my partner, who then in turned replied by yelling back up the stairs to her. Thats okay, just a momentary intruption.

Then would you believe it darling son comes in to me "mum mum"", I choose to ignore just hoping he would go away "mum", are you kidding me I think to myself. What? I asked him with such a tone that should have sent him scurrying off to room. "I can't go to sleep" he tells me. I won't type my reply!

Unbelieveable ah? So that was it I lay there thinking about layouts and cards and the odd untypeable comments about people in this house. So I ended up by getting up and headed to my table to start on the cards! Yip once again it was 2am before I got to bed but I am glad because I am really happy with the end result. I have only ever done one other card before so when my eyes have been hurting throughout the day I just looked at my cards and I tell myself it was worth it. Well I am trying to convience myself ...

The first card is for the arrival of a new baby girl
Materials used was coordinations cardstock - snowflake with the edges inked
I created postage stamps raised with foam tape and put my2angels baby shoe, pram, baby feet, princess crowns and teddy bear charms on them using dimensional magic.
To frame it I used my2angels silver self adhesive circle rhinestone. Pretty pink flower from our bulk pack and a piece of our glitter ribbon (not sure where they rub ons are from for baby girl) and finally which took me ages to find, some foam letters for the heading.

Second card was for a boy's birthday
Pattern paper was Kaisercraft from the Grunge range and some black card.
Also used was a clear button found in my stock and our boys cap, bike and car charms. Not forgetting our Black and White 100% boy ribbon.

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