Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life begins at 40

Well apparently tomorrow my life begins, according to that 80’s song anyway. It’s my 40th birthday. Last Sunday, my partner, let the angels in on the secret of what he has planned for me and every morning since I have been am awoken to “Are you excited?” by my darling 9 year old angel. “Sweetheart I was up till 2am doing another layout, I haven’t had time to be excited” is my usual grumbled response. I am so glad I made it very clear to him that I don’t like heights and gave hints of a massage. The only details I have are to dress smart casual, no high heels and we are leaving the house at around 10.30am and having lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe late afternoon. Stay tuned!
A few years back I told colleagues that I wanted to look like Sharon Stone when I turn 40. Unfortunately the reality is I am more like Mrs Doubtfire’s younger sister, I can only hope that I don’t look like the older sister at my next milestone of turning 50!
Speaking of layouts here are two more accomplished since my last posting. I have used Kaisercraft papers availabe from our website and as always my2angels products.

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