Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like a Silver and Red Christmas

Silver and Red Christmas

Looking to make something special for your Christmas table this year? Not happy with the high cost of table decorations? Why not make some stunning - yet simple to make and highly personalised - table decorations this year?

Just using a few simple and standard stash items, I have created a Silver and Red themed Christmas Decoration for dining and gift suggestions. Use these to coordinate your festive table and gift giving. By using just a few of the same simple items, you too can save money and have something no-one else will have.

My core items are the following ribbons from the store.
Red Organza Scalloped Edged Ribbon (1m for $1.40) and Silver Fibre Ribbon (2m for $1.25)


Red and Silver Christmas Table Setting
all from products available at my2angels

Candle Centrepiece
Wrap 3 candles with red scalloped ribbon and silver fibre ribbon.  Tie off into bows and add a white large poinsettia flower to the bow centre.  Pop into a shallow bowl/plate and sprinkle 6mm red pearls, 8mm red pearls and 6mm silver stardust beads around the candles for a gorgeous table centrepiece ....

You may like to replace the poinsettia with our new Large Silver Christmas tree charms,

or our  Merry Christmas Charming Chain.
(minus the chain)

Christmas Napkin Holder

Fold a Silver Flower Wrap Filigree or Silver Filigree Wrap into a half circle to fit your napkin inside.
Hot glue a double bow from Red Organza Scalloped Edged Ribbon and
then a smaller bow from Silver Fibre Ribbon. Add to the red bow and

Christmas Crackers

Each year I make my own Christmas Crackers and put small presents inside, instead of the "bought Christmas Crackers," where the hat, jokes and plastic toys are usually thrown out. 
This way everyone gets a surprise that I know it is something they want.  

For myself, I usually put a miniature bottle of Bundy Rum inside, :)
Gin for mum and the kids usually get something small like nail polish for DD.  

Look out for another blog post coming where I will have other suggestions for what to pop inside your my2angels crackers.

Cut an empty paper towel roll in half and wrap patterned paper around it, scrunching it in at the ends.

Using a Red and White striped pp
add a bow of Red Organza Scalloped Edged Ribbon,
then add a smaller bow of Silver Glitter Ribbon
and next a silver brass round filigree
topped with our Merry Christmas Charming Chain (minus the chain).

Don't forget the Christmas Tree! 

 Here I have made a 3D Christmas Tree gift card holder from our template, 
which you can download here .... 3D Christmas Tree Template.

You can use either patterned paper or cardstock. I used a pizza box or old cardboard box though, as a strong base for the patterned paper or cardstock. This makes it sturdy enough to be reused for years to come.

I've made it using exactly the same products as the Christmas Cracker,
though this time I used the chain from the Merry Christmas Charming Chain
 to hang it from the tree.

Other red and silver ribbons from my2angels you may like to use are ....

Red Glitter Ribbon 
1m for $1.30
(a soft easy ribbon that makes it easy to tie bows with)

1m for $1.10

1m for $1.10

5m for $1.10

I'll be back soon with more Christmas colour combinations
Christmas cracker suggestion .. all using products from my2angels.

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