Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Create your own Christmas Angel

Create your own Christmas Angel

Every year I get a photo of the angels placing the Angel at the top of the Christmas tree, it is so interesting to look back each year and see how much they have changed and grown. 

And so to complete last years traditional layout, I needed to create a Christmas Angel.  
It is so easy with just a few items

You will need:

1 x 6mm white pearl (or colour of your choice)
1 Silver Angel Wings charm (they come in silver, gold and red copper, all 3 are available in our Angels and Religion charms section)
and some rooster plumage white feathers
all available at my2angels .... just click on each item above and you will be directed to the product page on our website

handmade Christmas Angel

Bend the top of your eye pin over so it creates a halo.

Thread your bead cap then pearl through the pin.  Add a small drop of dimensional magic or hot glue gun in between them.  DO NOT push them all the way to the top of the pin, leave approximately .5cm at the top ... because halos don't sit on heads!

Next put your wings then rhinestone finding onto the pin (adding a drop of glue in between) so you have what the photo above shows.

Next select 3-4 feathers, try to get the ones that are fluffy, well that is my opinion anyhow. 

Using a hot glue gun apply glue to the top of the pin, below the rhinestone finding, and adhere your feathers. 
 Liquid glue will seep through the feathers and double sided tape is not thick enough to hold.  Foam tape will work and will allow you to adhere straight to your layout.

And here you have your angel ...

handmade Christmas Angel

As mentioned above, I needed an angel for last years traditional photo, but with a few adjustments so it would match the Prima Romance paper I was using (LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE these papers!)

So I heat embossed the Silver Angel Wings charm with Black Enamel embossing powder and added rooster plumage black feathers to match.

and here is my completed layout ...

handmade Christmas Angel

I also used a Antique Bronze Flower Wrap Filigree to add part of my title

handmade Christmas Angel

Hope your day is creative and fun

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