Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fun and easy to make for your teachers or friends

Are you looking for something personal and fun to make for your kids' teachers or your friends? Should it should be cheap and quick to make, but not look cheap? I've got a great idea for you to copy:
Bottle cap magnets!
Bottle cap magnets
Here is what you'll need (click on the words to find the products at my2angels):

Bottle cap magnets

3. Some paper with small designs (use up some bits from your stash)
4. An unused bottle cap (from the home bewery section at Woolies)
5. A magnet (from the cheap shop) 
Bottle cap magnets

Cover the cabochon with Dimensional Magic, place it on the design you want and swirl it around a little to spread the glue and pop any air bubbles.
Bottle cap magnets

Let it dry for about half an hour.
Now on to squishing some bottle caps!
If you have a Cuttlebug or similar machine, you're in luck. Make the following sandwich:
B plate
metal die
bottle cap (pointy bits up)
A plate
Bottle cap magnets

It will look perfectly squished. 
If you don't have a Cuttlebug and can't rush out to get one this very minute, don't despair. Lay your bottle cap with the pointy bits down on a wooden cutting board and give it a few hard taps with a hammer. It's not as perfect, but looks ok too.

Bottle cap magnets
Check your glued-on cabochon. Is it completely dry? Then cut it out. It doesn't have to be perfect, just follow the outline of the glass pebble.

Put some strong glue (I use Helmar 450) on the inside plastic rim of the bottle cap
Bottle cap magnets

Glue the cabochon on.
Bottle cap magnets
 Glue a magnet on the back of the bottle cap.
Easy, right? For a present I made 6 matching ones.

Now you need some presentation. 
Cut out a tag from Snowflake paper (there are 9 on the sheet, so that will go a long way). 
Bottle cap magnets
 Glue 6 small metal washers on the backside of the paper. They will hold your magnets in place.

 Pop the magnets on the front, add some red baker's twine and a Christmas tree charm. Wrap it in a bit of cellophane and you are done!
Try and match the paper you use to your teacher's taste. My daughter's male teacher is getting monsters!


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