Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost 7

Ngaire here again,
 with a layout I recently created with lots of my2angels goodness

This Clock with Gears Charm is stunning!

To get this beautiful pin you need to wait… I’ve been nagging Tracy (waving Tracy – yes that’s you) to put these into general production at my2angels. So help me out here and send her an email asking her to make one for you. ;) These short little stick pins are just the cutest things ever. (Mwah Tracy – you know you love me!!) :)
The heart and key charms can be bought here and here.

And one very gorgeous Antique Bronze Clock with Bee Charm

Finally – these fabulous and oh so usable Filigree bits – here - are sadly out of stock at the moment – but Tracy tells me they will be back in stock by mid next week.


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Adriana B said...

Gorgeous details and embellishments so divine :)