Thursday, April 19, 2012

Antique Bronze Filigrees and Charms

I am still loving my Antique Bronze charm selection from my2angels

 Every now and then I swoop down on Tracy (I like to sneak in unannounced, so she doesn’t have time to hide the new ones from me) and buy everything in sight. I’m still in a butterfly craze at the moment too – so there were more of them on the last of the recent layouts. 


I’ve used another of those gorgeous filigree butterflies that I love, again teaming it with a Resin Blossom. Nestled next to that is a peach pearl version of the stunning little Pearl Stick that I used in blue for an earlier layout. Seriously – Tracy has 16 different pearl colours – you NEED one of each colour of these!!! I need one of each colour of these – Tracy – you reading this?? You hearing me on this?? Start selling them woman!!!!  

LOL Yes Ngaire I am reading this!  Guess what I plan to do all next week with pins, charms and pearls???

Hanging down from the bottom of the butterfly is another Antique Bronze butterfly charm and a set of keys – both hanging from some Bronze Chain. I was inspired by the old Chatelaine sets of keys that women used to wear – so I thought these would look lovely together with the vintage dress form and the tulle.

Finally – these yummy Flower Filigree Wraps are again back in stock – so run in and grab some before I make my next visit. :) 



Marie (Mazz) said...

so beautiful, so clever and creative BOTH of you xxx

elainec said...

Truly lovely layout. Just seeing it gets my mind whirling as to what i'll do with my pins & filgree bits. x