Thursday, November 17, 2011

Charming Chains ... Christmas Release

Introducing our Christmas Charming Chains

(I am still playing around with a black and silver chain, to match the Simply Stories 25 Days of Christmas papers, so I can get motivated to finish the 2 layouts I started a few weeks back)

And introducing our little cute 

my2angels Christmas Angels

(these angels are not an original idea, I saw the idea in a beading book and remembered Sandra W making something similar a few months back)

Not your colour combination for your Christmas theme this year?

Well let me know and I will make one to match .. just send me an email if you have my direct address (won't put it up here to prevent spammers) or via our website in the contact us section

Geli has been busy
here is what she has come up with ...

What?! Christmas cards already!

Yes, already. I made up 2 quick cards

You don’t always have to use Christmas papers for Christmas cards when you have gorgeous embellishments! I used some scraps in Christmas colours and the new chain embellishment with a felt heart (just stapled on):

and a bit of twine and a little sleigh charm. Done!

Here is the other one:

Red glitter ribbon, a Christmas bauble

some star flowers and a snowman charm is all it takes to make this look Christmassy!

and Jess, well poor Jess has a half completed layout on her table using our Christmas Chains but her back has decided not to play the game 
here is an insert from her email I received earlier today .... 

Can't do much with my back like it is.....trying to stretch it out a bit.....but apart from that am moving around like a bloomin 90 year old Nanna.....need to put a blue rinse in my hair, get a lap dog and start knitting.....


I won't mention how many more sleeps to go till Christmas ... too frightening!

So instead .. Happy Creating and hope you are having a great week

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daph-a-dills said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those charms!!!!