Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chipboard Marbling Technique

Hi guys...

Keonie here with you today to show you a cool, fun and relatively quick technique to create a funky marble-type look on chipboard.    

Obviously there is drying time involved but the actual process of making the marbling is fun and effective.   
I have used raw chipboard letters here which you can choose to leave raw, paint, or as I have done, ink slightly around the edges using the ink blending tool.  Ok, if you are painting the chipboard before creating the marble effect, allow time for your paint/ink to dry. 


Then...load your letter or chip shape with oodles of dimensional magic.
Grab a pin, or you can use a bobby pin to if you want more dramatic marbling, and dab the tip into a blob of white paint.  

 Very carefully then, swirl the paint-laden pin through your dimensional magic.  This is where the fun is, you can swish, delicately swirl, poke, or blob...basically whatever suits your fancy to create the look you want.  

A tip I can give you is to hold your pin slightly on an angle as this helps to unload more of the paint from the tip and as your swirl slightly roll the pin head in your fingers which again just assists the paint to dissolve into the dimensional magic.   

Obviously you can reload your pin when you need more paint and also experiment with adding more than one paint colour.  

 You can also further embellish by dropping a rhinestone into the wet dimensional magic as this will set with the dimensional magic as it dries.   

You can also lightly sprinkle with glitter or diamond dust ...just let the creativity ooze.   

Don’t forget this technique will require some drying time and best part is if you make a mistake or marble too much paint in, have a cotton bud handy and you can simply remove the part you don’t like and reapply.

Have fun

And from me Tracy,
 grunging up chipboard with a variety of mediums

After painting the edges of a pizza box with pitch black dabbers and rusty hinge distress ink, I distress the edges of Echo Park Litte Boy Distress Cardstock Chocolate / Lava (these papers BTW are a great background with a slight wash over them giving a different option to stark cardstock) then added some black soot ink
Using Tim Holtz Timeworks Masks and my ink blending tool with some black soot ink gave it some more pattern

So for the mediums:
some of the Scrapware Clock Cogs were inked with rusty hinge distress ink then painted with clear rock candy distress crackle paint
the others were left bare and again painted with clear rock candy distress crackle paint
and others were inked with rusty hinge distress ink and then heat embossed with walnut stain embossing powder

the scrapware large impact alphas were painted with Brushed Pewter Distress Crackle Paint

Added a Tim Holtz Game Spinner
and one of black and white time pieces (covered with clear rock candy distress crackle paint)
and one of our ball and chains added to the top for a "boy" feel

I am so happy with this layout (plus it has been given the DS approval) and I now have ANOTHER a new love ... rusty hinge distress ink

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ngaire said...

Love the step by step Geli and that layout is even better in real life Tracy.