Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chipboard Letters Techniques

Chipboard Letter Techniques
by Tracy

Here are just a few (out of many) techniques for altering your chipboard letters ...

These green letters were "too green" for my layout so I sandpaper some of the colour off, put them through my Tim Holtz Wood Grain Embossing Folder then covered with Clear Rock Candy Crackle Paint ... now they match my layout (which I started about a month ago and still sitting on my table to be finished ... story of my life these days!)

 Another example for your page titles is ...

  ink them in gold,
then covered with Inkssentials Crackle Accent 
(this title was for my sign at the expo see a few blog posts back)

and now for a bit of sparkle on your chipboard letters using Diamond Dust

and one day I might even get around to put these on the notebooks waiting to be finished!

and now from Jess

Hey there FABULOUS Ladies : )

I thought I would share this lo today with you ....

Want to make a fab chippie title??

Wait till the paint has dried...lightly sand around the edges.....then doodle on them with an Inkssentials White Opaque Pen

Place on your page......then stitch on with a funky coloured thread....and VOILA!! A fun title....

Love & Peace xox


lexie said...

Fabulous techniques to alter lettering or anything really, love the looking forward to the end of the month see you then...oxo

aussiescrapper said...

Oh I love love this effect, I love your scrapware chippie letters and am going to try especially the stamped effect today, thanks so much for the inspiration Trace and Jess. Melxx

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing and thanks for the lovely comment over on my blog.

ngaire said...

Cool - loving the new techniques - must do the diamond dust one.