Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brisbane Scrapbooking and Craft Show

Today was our first day at the Paper craft show in Brisbane and what a busy day it was! We are slightly knacked but meet up with so many people that we were able to know put faces to names / blogs it was great. We were busy all day and I think for a brief minute twice, only twice, we had a few seconds to spare before the next load of people came to visit. Seriously I mean a brief minute - it was crazy!!! Many other ladies at the stands have said it is the quietest Saturday in a long time - holy moly - I would hate to see what it was like on a busy day!

Here are some photos of the stand, not the best of quality, the lighting in the convention centre was terrible and everyone was complaining of sore eyes!

Looking at the stand

our charms on both sides of the picket fence

Our bling and felt display

Next to the bling is our felt

then moving around to our ribbons and the OTP display

and my favourite and the most popular section ... the flower display

Time for bed but first gotta take the sleeping angel, Sarah, up to bed she was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home and now asleep on the couch! Mind you we had her working hard on the till - well the girl's gotta earn her keep some how LOL

Hope you are all having a great weekend

Take care


daph-a-dills said...

Wait till Sydney hun :) :)
Glad your first day went well..told you it would :)
Great work!!!

Sarah Lou said...

the stand looks great! love the fence!!! I think Daph and I will be rushing it at sydney!!!!

Anne P said...

The stand looked amazing and I think it was well worth the effort. Well done.

aussiescrapper said...

Wow looks gorgeous, I so hope you have a successful weekend, and wow you will certainly have no trouble sleeping after this weekend.....

Wendy said...

The stand looks awesome T!!! you have done such a fantastic job!! Hope you have a huge weekend ... so wish I was there too - doing lots of shopping!!!! LOL!!! :)

Moonie said...

Wish I were there Tracey seeing all the eye candy and spending up a wee fortune..Lucky girls.. I hope it is a success for you and you have fun along the way x

Taryn said...

Tracy your stand looked AMAZING. I hope the experience was all you dreamed. It was so lovely to see you again, and to meet your gorgeous mum and daughter. What a team!!

Tracey said...

The stand is amazing! What a display of goodies. I hope the day went well and the rest of the weekend is a winner. :)

Lou said...

I have to say your stand was the best looking at the Show!!! You should be really proud of yourself, it looked amazing in person. Fingers crossed it all paid off for you xx Lou

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Tracy. The stand was amazing, the pics do not do it justice! You work so hard and you deserve nothing but good karma baby! Love you to bits, you're amazing!! xx

Coz xxx

Kathie said...

oh that is beautiful!!!!! wow girlfriend that is truly stunning....what a great job you have done!!!

Vicki said...

Your stand looked fantastic T!! :) I hope it was a successful show for you!! :)