Thursday, October 29, 2009

My mum told me off ...

Yes she did in a round about way ... at aged 40 ... my mother still tells me off ... whether I listen to her is another story ... but today I am choosing to LOL
Apparently each morning she logs into my blog to see what I have posted ... whoops sorry been neglecting the blog a little ... okay here are a few gifts I have make (OMG I just got it, how blonde am I!!!! Don't answer that ... she wants to copy what I have done LOL ... I suppose I should take it as a compliment though

Okay mum here is what I have completed since you were here on the weekend ...
I have used our tin bags for DD's friends birthday (the friend loves blue)

These are cardstock flowers sprayed with pearl glimmer mist

These are easy to make just tear a thin strip of cardstock, wet under tap then twist and roll into shape. They take a while to dry and if you have no patience like me put them out in the sun (I tried the hairdryer but they went flying everywhere LOL)

Okay next present is for Christmas for my friend who loves purple ...

OMG I love these Gardenias ...

And lastly for BF's work colleague who just had baby Ella

Oh no the photos aren't that good are they ... sorry

But at least it might shut a certain person up, you know who I am talking about the one who I might add and everyone in blogland knows SHE NEVER brought her first born daughter a ... wait for it... BARBIE... I know shocking ah? LOL And we all know she brought her 2nd daughter one ... not 1 but multiple barbies!!!!!!!

Have a great night everyone


Deb Mitchell said...

LOL @ your Mum Tracy

These boxes are just divine Hun!!!
Loive your flowers too Chicky- Beautiful



lkamphuis said...


CreativeMe68 said...

LOL @ your mum telling you off mine does the same...but not about my blog. Love those boxes they look awesome...Love all the embellies and everything about them.... Someone is going to be so happy when they receive these as a gift!. I have just finished posting my scrapchat ferrero rocher box on my blog, can't show the whole thing on there as the scrapchat girls might see it before retreat. Sneaky peaks are a great heads up, I am so happy with it xoxo

Daph said...

WONDEFUL jobs on the tin bags. Im wanting to make one for my eldest girl but am waiting on ideas...thanx....LOVE the purple one! And secondly waiting till we finally decided what "kind" of room the missy wants. One minute shabby the next surfy...grrr and she is only 6 LOL.
Your so good letting your mother read your blog....bahahaha

Anonymous said...

And when do I have time to do scrapbooking in between working full time and coming around to do a certain person (Not mentioning any names but she does have a fantastic web site) and doing her housework, washing, folding, iroing, looking after the two angels etc etc. Anyway at least I do my pages now and do not get you to do them. Not that you did that mnay. LOL I am being biased now but love your work and I guess you got all your "Talent" from me.
Love you

Shell said...

Gorgeous Lunch pails Tracy. Sooooo pretty.
Ha ha thats so funny that your mum told you off and its great that she reads your blog too.
Thanks for the lovely comment on my LO. Hope you have a great
week end.x

Tracey said...

OMG these are just gorgeous. Love them all :)

janine said...

Stunning stuff Tracy soooo love your OTP gifts and LOL at your Mum
she sounds lovely
Take Care Janine xo

skrapkat said...

Gorgeous work, I love those boxes!

Vicki xx

Sarah Lou said...

Mums, eh who'd have em - mine tells me off from the other side of the world.!
I love your lunch pails - so very divine. and the gift at the end - heavenly!

Geli Duncan said...

Wow, I just saw those lunch boxes! They look awesome!!! I will soooo have to do one too. And how funny is your mum! Mine doesn't even do e-mail yet, so I'm totally safe. :)