Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 layouts and another proud mother moment

What a bad bad blogger I have been! Sorry been side tracked with other things but I have also been doing some scrapbooking - I have 2 to share with you 2 today. I have 2 more but I just have to add the finishing touches.

Here is my entry for Amanda's Quote Challenge over at Aussie Girls Gone Scrappin. We had to use the quote "Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live" which I typed up and put on top of our round silver pendant charms. Also had to use chipboard - I used Scrapware Photo Corner and Buzz and Bloom Blossoms. Last criteria was ribbon - organza ribbon up the top and a piece of our brown ric rac.

My entry for this months ARTastic challenge. This is the artwork to get your inspiration from ...

And this is what I came up with using Kaiser papers and Birdhouse from Scrapware

Love the colour of the leaves (which come with the birdhouse) - I sprayed Yellow Daisy Glimmer Mist on to the bare chipboard. you probably can't see the full glimmer of it but its a gorgeous golden colour

Our birds on swing charms inside the birdhouse

As you know I have the promotions section on my website to raise money for Bravehearts. Well my son has also been collecting cans for a while now and I emailed Bravehearts and told them that Mark has about $30, whilst not much every little bit counts. They told me that $30 would put three children through their "Ditto's Keep Safe Education Program"". The purpose the program is to teach children the skills to keep safe from sexual predators.

Late last week in the post, Mark received a letter, Certificate of Appreciation, Bookmark and Pen from Bravehearts thanking him for his contribution. He had such a HUGE smile and "proud of myself" look on his face all night, it just made my heart melt with proud!

This special piece of mail has got him so much more motivated and eager to raise keep raising money. He asked me if could clean my car for $270 LOL making his total up to $300 so he could help 30 children - in his innocence he was thinking of a classroom setup like at school.

And then later on that night when he should have been asleep!!! I went to check on him and he looked at me with this big grin and I just knew what he was thinking - (he had that proud look on his face still).

Mum, he said, I should contact the cricket grounds and big places like that to get more cans, he tells me.

Mark ... we would have to hire a truck I told him.

Thats okay there is a place just down the road where we can hire one he informed me.

I suggested we start off a bit smaller and put a note to everyone's letterbox in our complex (we are one of 42), tell them what you are doing and lets see what sort of response we will get.

Oh don't you just love it - BUT why oh why can't this caring and thoughtful boy be like this when he is in the same room as his sister????

Thanks for looking everyone
Have a great day


Tracey said...

Gorgeous layouts Tracy and congrats to your DS. He sounds like a very caring, young man :)

Jo Powell said...

Oh well done Mark!! No wonder you are proud Tracy it brought a tear to my eye reading it. He is a boy to be proud of! I love you bird house!!! BTW

Daph said...

Good on him for enthusiasm.....i hope he raises lots more...good organisation to raise funds for!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Lo girl !! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog ! mwahh xx !! What a champ your DS is !! Wish him all the best xx Tina