Friday, October 16, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Decisions … decisions … always the same dilemma when I get new charms in

Which new charm to use first?

I mean, how cute is this fairy girl charm? She is over 5cm tall

How versatile are these Follow your Heart Charms?

These double star charms will be great for Christmas layouts and cards, a sleeping page with our Dream Rhinestone words, superstar layout or …

Well I did get engaged in Paris and it was suppose to be at the top of the eiffel tower but that didn’t happen (another day another story) oh I still got engaged in Paris but just didn't quite go to plan. However I am not likely to scrap those pages maybe my divorce party instead:)

These Silver Scissors Charms would be great on the kids first haircut layout? Or could it go on Sarah's Birthday page where she had a scrapbooking party?

Hmmmm decisions decisions. Mind you I should be sensible and finish the 3 layouts I have sitting on my table half done before I start thinking about new layouts!

Hope your weekend is planned full of scrapbooking with lots of peace & quiet


amanda73 said...

love those charms, and think im overdue to place an order lol, ... will have computer problems gone by tuesday nextweek at the latest, turns out we gotta buy a new laptop, so i broke atm lol..... sorry i havent been around much, will be alot better next week when i have new puter

TaswegianMum said...

OMG those cahrms are awesome..I wouldn't what to pick first either...will be better at then end of November to place an order Miss Tracy have Ebony's 18th on the 1st november and Chloe's on the 23rd of November am broke now had enoug for 1/2 dozen bottle of wines today and that it til monday LOL...will you be doing any of the challenges at the scraplounge CC?

Shelee said...

OMG I just love all of those charms! The Eiffel TOwer is a must have!!

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Shelee :)