Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traumatic Day of Scrapbooking

It’s been quite a traumatic day for me, as I complete this layout for the cyber crop over a Ready Set Scrap. You see, I never got a Barbie doll as a young girl, no seriously you read right! None - I had a fake Barbie whose legs and arms couldn’t even bend.

The challenge was to scrap our favourite toy and whilst I never had one as a child, finally at the age of 36, mum gave me a Barbie for Christmas. I think it was the continuous digs, comments, harassment that she received from me for the past 30 odd years that she thought if she gave me one, I would shut up and stop torturing her. Well it hasn’t worked; I still mention it on a regular occurrence. I am in therapy for this issue and I believe mum is also too, for her role for depriving her oldest daughter of a Barbie. Oh I probably should mention that I have a younger sister who had a Barbie, no let me correct that, she had MORE THAN ONE Barbie and who brought them for her, need you ask!!!

Barbie sits with me at work each day, by my computer, reminding me of the years missed with her company. I could not find the photo evidence of me opening that special present on Christmas day 4 years ago, sadly such an event in my life the record is no where to be found, so I had to get a new photo of her to add to my layout.

And here is the layout of my beautiful friend, Barbie.

I am not sure of the pp in this layout as it came from my scraps folder. The cardstock is coredinations.

The chipboard leaves are from buzz & bloom (coated in Crystalina Kindyglitz), glitter butterfly (we only have blue left, time to restock I think)and our white corrugated striped ribbon

I painted our pink flowers and blue flowers, beads are from our strand of 13" glass beads when I put onto our eye pins then tied the top with organza ribbon.

I used our new wavy rhinestone strips behind the flowers which has our felt love heart on top. Oh the lace behind is our cream cotton lace that I painted as I wanted it white.

Finally in the left hand corner are some of our blue flowers centred with our blue and gold rings and tied with blue organza ribbon.

That is 7 challenges down 2 more to be finished by tomorrow night, so must be off, but first I think I deserve a drink!

Love to hear your comments, even if it is to gets mums email address to send her your messages of shock at what she has put me through LOL



janine said...

OMG cant believe you never had a real barbie you poor darling i so love reading your blog always makes me laugh and i love the barbie LO heaps ... Take Care
Janine xx

Kathie said...

Well i must be damaged too!! Coz I never had a barbie doll either!!! Actually don't think that I missed out on much, I had a horse (real one) instead :)

Amanda said...

Love the layout - really gorgeous work! Good luck with getting the ther two finished ......

Tracey said...

Geez a girl without a Barbie! What a terrible childhood you had.....LOL
Love the LO Tracy and I'm so glad you have a Barbie of your own now!.....xxx

MyLittleTeapot said...

I only had 1 Barbie when I was young. I feel for you especially if your sister has more.

These type of happenings can be considered our unfinished business. Even though we do not need it anymore, there's this feeling of emptiness inside us and we just want to have it. Something like that I guess.

But thats the past :) I do love your LO tracey, all the details are exquisite.

Love lots

lexie said...

I like you Tracy only had a fake barbie doll I have made up for it though I now collect barbies haven't bought one for a while no money left over after buying scrapping stuff
I made sure my girls got lots of barbie dolls cars houses etc but they don't share the passion that I have for her so we have several storage tubs full of barbie stuff the girls want to sell it but I'm a mean mum and won't let them

kym said...

Too funny Tracy!!!
Your lo is beautiful!