Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just about wet my pants

It doesn't take much to get me excited these days, locked away in my garage for 80% of my days any kind of focus, nice comment left, an order or even the phone ringing (minus those bloody telemarketers) can get me excited.

Anyway moving on to the wetting my pants part - I got my scrapbooking memories issue today and I am flicking through it to find my ad, as I always do then I move onto looking at the layouts to see if I know anyone and then usually I put it away till I have a quiet moment to read it. Well today I did everything around the other way, dunno why but I am so glad I did.

No I don't have a layout in there, in fact I reckon this is better. On page 23 in the scrapshop section is a selection of my charms woo hoo that was exciting, then low and behold on page 47 are my felt stars! Too much excitment for this old chick, so I did a little jig and squeal, found my ad and put the magazine away.

No idea why but I got the magazine out again and started looking through it properly from the beginning and bugger me days there's my blue rhinestone arrows on page 21. How I missed them the first time I dunno, blonde moment maybe?

So I am doing the happy dance in the kitchen when something caught my eye and well this is when I nearly wet my pants - there on page 21 are my boys ribbons. This is where it gets even better than a layout because I designed these ribbons (thanks to my DS for the inspiration) colours, words and all. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thanks for listening ladies I needed to get that out of my system,time for a celebration drink or two or three LOL



Tracey said...

Congrats Tracy. What an awesome feeling it must be to see your products in the mags! Bet ya we will be seeing your stuff everywhere

Karen said...

How very exciting. I must rush out and grab a copy of the mag - just to experience for myself the excitement of wet pants....
Hope that the mag advertising generates a lot of interest/business for you :)

kym said...

Yep saw them in there GF!!!
Very snazzy indeed!!
Congrats!!! MWAH

TaswegianMum said...

WOW Congratulations Miss Tracy I would be dancing around too..hope you made sure you had a drink in hand while reading the magazine fully..made my day !!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely a drink in the hand Taswegianmum LOL
Thanks ladies for your encouraging words. Next design coming is a rhinestone scroll which will go the length of a photo and comes in silver and black whoops said too much LOL