Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My theory behind it and some layouts thrown in

I just want to explain my theory behind my2angels. I don't sell anything I wouldn't use myself, not saying I am a pro scrapbooker or anything but to me how can you sell something if you have never used it or know how to use it etc. So when I am creating (creating? that sounds like I know what I am doing LOL) I use the products I have on hand, so when I upload layouts to the various galleries this explains why in the description over 90% of the products are from my2angels.

I look and sound like a walking advertisment for my2angels but I just wanted to explain briefly some of my theory behind my2angels.

Hey remember the days when Shop Assistances would be waiting outside the dressing room to comment on how you looked, when you had just tried something on? 90% of the time their response was "that looks great on you" or "it suits you" and you knowing dam fine that you look like a cross between an elephant and a camel? Well I don't work like that, no BS from me definitely sarcasism thrown in at time but no BS!

Yesterday I received an email from one of the lovely ladies over at the
Scrap Lounge Top Sites where she said quote "Loving your products and I was saying to my friend today at least you experiment with your products and I can see what you have done on your blog or even ask you by email anything that I need to know or you can find out for me if I ask nicely :)"

Thank you so much for your kind comments this confirms what I have been trying to achieve has resulted in at least one happy scrapbooker. Oh and if you are reading this, look out in your letterbox because you never know what might turn up in there.

When you work for someone else you get the feedback you need, but being isolated and working from home you only know when people take the time to give it to you. So a HUGE THANK YOU for the feedback given and comments left here on the blog, it is soooooo much appreciated.

And speaking of the scraplounge they have their cybercrop this weekend. Only 3 layouts have to be completed by Monday night (phew I think I can handle that - just!) and what I like about it is there is no overall winner, but a winner from each catagory. So far the clues are:

1. Memories of yester-year

and 2. soft and dreamy,
pink and creamy,
sky so blue
the softest hue...

and we are still waiting on the lovely Naomi to spill her clues (hint hint young lady!).

I have been so slack but these are the 3 layouts I completed for last months cyber crop which was autumn themed.

and this one was a challenge we set ourselves to try and bring our mojos back into line. I had to use chipboard, paint and felt. There is paint on the chipboard scrolls and the glitter was an afterthought.

Oh and how funny mum rang me yesterday not happy with me complaining she wasn't allowed to read my blog HA HA that wil teach you for not buying me a barbie doll. She assures me she didn't read any further hmmm lets see how surprised she looks on Mothers Day.

Okay ladies that is way too much rambling from me for one post.

Have a Creative Day
Take care and thanks for reading


kym said...

Tracy, you are crazy and completely gorgeous!!!
Don't ever change!!!!
Thanks for just being you!!!

Anonymous said...

See this is why I hang out in the scraplounge!!! Comments like this really do keep ya going some days!
Back at ya you crazy girl
big hugs xx

Karen. said...

I love that I know you have used all of your items for sale. When I go thru your online store, I always check to see if there's an example attached to that items for sale page - it always gives me great ideas!
Love your store and love your blog - got you in my faves for quick access :)