Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Unique Style - No Pressure

I am amazed when I get a new scrapbooking magazine or am surfing the web for ideas for a scrapbooking page. Where do some people get these ideas for their pages, how do they keep coming up with new ideas! It gets me down because I can never come up with the ideas or scrapbook like some of them. Is it the competitiveness or the Capricorn stubborn goat in me but then I realise I do create just as good as them but in a different way because I have my own unique style!

When I use to attend classes at the local scrapbooking shop, if I put something in the wrong spot or didn’t pop dot it like the teacher had done, I use to justify it by saying its my unique page – and looking back now I was right, I was adding my own touch to the page not creating exactly what someone else had done.

Definitely look through magazines and on line galleries as they are a great source of ideas but remember the pages you are looking at are not yours nor do they have your personal touch to them.

I am currently doing an album for a client’s grandson 21st birthday. Now boys are hard enough as it is but this client likes simple pages eg very limited on embellishments and one to two colours. I did her granddaughters album last year and a page of her graduation screamed out for bling, so I put ONE silver bling ribbon slide on it and the client was and still is not 100% happy with it being there. To make it worse she has provided the album, Myers black paper expensive album, so if I make a mistakes I am in trouble cause I can’t take the page out. So you imagine how difficult this job is considering I have a store fill of wonderful, gorgeous and unique embellishments at my disposal. Anyway my point is we all have different tastes.

So in summary, each page you produce for yourself, is created by you, so it is unique and has your own personal touch to it. This now allows me to like and enjoy what I create and it takes away all the pressure I put on myself.

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