Sunday, October 19, 2008

my 2 must have products - Dimensional Magic and Ink

I only discovered Dimensional Magic about a year ago and it has got to be my 2nd most used product, after cardstock. It is excellent for sticking down small items eg my2angels charms, rhinestuds and rhinestones. It adds a gloss or dimension to what you put it on. As I am cardstock girl, (patterns can sometimes be too hard to coordinate but that is a discussion for another blog time), by putting some DM on a strip of cardstock just adds some dimension and a gloss to it. And how quick is it to dry! I suppose the only downside to it is it dries up in the top of your bottle so you need to have a pin handy to unblock it. DM is definitely at the top of my list!

Ink, now as mentioned before I am a cardstock girl, which can sometimes be a bit boring but by inking your edges gives it a bit more colour and softens the hard edges of your cardstock. Actually thinking about it, I ink all my papers, pattern or not. Don’t forget to ink the edges of your pages also.

Small snapshot below is of a page I am currently doing using Dimensional Magic, self adhesive Christmas Tree ribbon, velvet ric rac and rhinestones. All products available at our website

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