Sunday, October 26, 2008

Example of using glitter ribbon

I am in shock I actually completed a page in two days. I have so many I haven't completed that I started, mmm don't think I will mention when!
We attended a presentation at Sharks AFL club here on the Gold Coast where mum was presented with a medal for donating blood 100 times. I am so peeved as I am unable to give blood which I first started doing when I was 14 but because I went to the UK in the early 1990's I can no longer donate because of mad cow disease. I don't have it, well depends who you ask!, and as having the second rarest blood type it is frustrating.
Anyway here is the page and of course all products used can be purchased from

PS click on the photo to get an enlarged picture AND if anyone can tell me how to take a photo of my pages and it not warping I would love to know.

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