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Mint Crush and Purple Passion Sugar Beads

Multi Green Tone Sugar Beads (when the light reflects on your Mint Crush Sugar Beads, you may get tones of blues as well as various greens)

A refreshing blend of ice-cold mint tones and tiny shimmery pearls - Mint Crush is a delightful addition to any card or layout

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

Rich, vibrant purples together with sophisticated silver, make Purple Passion the go-to mix for every modern miss.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

First up, a layout using Mint Crush Sugar Beads - with Kaisercraft Tropicana Sunset as my base and strips of Kaisercraft Tropicana Palm Tree behind my photo.

I dribbled some drops of Olive Vine Glimmer Mist here and there over the background pp.

All of the paper and chipboard has been inked with VersaMagic Jumbo Java.

Keeping it simple, I didn't mount my photos onto paper, I just inked the edges with Stazon Olive Green and popped them straight on.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

My "tadpole" title is made of Twiddleybitz Alpha Square Letters. These were covered with Dimensional Magic and then while still wet, I dipped a pin into some green paint and swirled the pin through the wet Dimensional Magic to make the patterns you see.

You can get different effects, depending how much paint and swirling you do.

Have a play first, before deciding on the effect you want for your end result.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments


I created water bubbles using the new Turquoise Microbeads and various sizes of our glass cabochons.
First, cover the back of your cabochons with Dimensional Magic and then dipp them into the Turquoise Microbeads (wet side down ;) ).  Leave to dry.  I also made a few with the Mint Crush Sugar Beads.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

If you don't have ribbon to match, just wipe Distress Stains over your cotton ribbon to coordinate with your layout.  In this case ,I used white cotton ric rac (perfect ribbon for water creations because of the waves).  White is a great choice to colour and is only 90c for 2 metres.

I adhered my ric rac in-between the strips of vertical pattern paper for some texture.


covered with Dimensional Magic with sprinkles of Mint Crush Sugar Beads
And of course, no layout of mine is complete without a charm ... this time our Frog Charm.
handmade scrapbooking embellishments

At the bottom of the layout is a strip of pp, ric rac and our cute little Frog Pin.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments

Hi Everyone,

Jen here  ...

 I couldn't resist playing with some Mint Crush Sugar Beads and my favourite colour - Purple Passion. 
 Despite my mojo drought, ideas were popping in my head all the time and I just had to find the time to put some of them to use.

I have seen the beads used to cover chipboard and I wanted to use both the colours of the sugar beads on the one project, so I originally thought purple flowers and green stems or grass ... that developed into a white butterfly with purple wings and a bunch of flowers and the stems of the bunch hmmm...

After painting the butterfly white with Snowcap Acrylic Paint Dabber , letting it dry and attaching it to my card, I filled the wings one at a time with hot glue (from my glue gun) and poured the beads all over it - pressing them in, tapping off the excess and putting them back in the little pot. I repeated this for all three wings.
handmade scrapbooking embellishments 
To the bunch of Purple Orchids, I added three Purple Rose Buds, wrapping the stems around each other. I then laid hot glue along the stems and again poured and pressed the beads into it, tapping off the excess. I used a little more hot glue to attach the bunch to the card - and the bow to the bunch.

handmade scrapbooking embellishments
I slid the Mauve and Silver Love Charming Word under the edge of the bunch and added some 'movement' to the butterfly with a piece of  pearl flourish.

Get over to my2angels and grab some Sugar Beads!

Jen :-)

Hi everyone, it's Geli with a cool gift idea using the new and awesome sugar beads!

My school has a mother's day stall every year and we always try and make pretty gifts from thin air. Basically, it should cost next to nothing, look awesome, appeal to kids and be liked by mums. This year I am making washer necklaces!


You will need:
♥ metal washers from the hardware store (mine are 35mm in diameter, which were the biggest ones)
♥ spray paint (optional)
sugar beads in the colour of your choice
Glossy Accents or similar

First, spray paint the washer in a colour that matches. I only have black or white, so white it was.
Cover the top of the washer with a coat of Glossy Accents and sprinkle sugar beads all over. Shake off any that don't stick or those that sit on the sides. We just want them on top.

Let that dry a little and then add a thick coat of Glossy Accents on top. I did several coats to give it a nice glossy and smooth surface.
Add a 90cm long cord and you are done!



If you prefer, you can glue some leftover paper onto the washer instead. In this case, you can skip the spray painting, but you have to sand the edges before adding the gloss. I did one coat of gloss, then a line of gloss to attach the sugar beads and finished the whole thing off with some more gloss. I quite like it that way too:


While I had the spray paint out, I started a little experimenting. I sprayed a filigree black...


... and glued some Strawberry Shortcake Sugar Beads on the back of a glass cabochon

Another coat of Glossy Accents to secure them, let it dry and hot glue the glass to the filigree. Voila! 



I'm going to play with a few more colours for Mother's Day. I think this one is a winner. And true to the plan, it cost very little per necklace.

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