Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to make great gifts using Rhinestuds

My girls love to wear shorts and recently I bought some hot fix rhinestuds from my2angels. They have a glue backing that needs to be heated with an iron or an i-rock tool. They are a great bargain at only $1.00 for over 50 in the pack and look wonderful on paper or on clothes.  
I decided to write the girls' names on the back of the pants in rhinestones. Our neighbour girl got a pair too. Here is how:
Your supplies:
* A plain pair of shorts, preferably without back pockets
* Rhinestuds  (Find all the 9 colours here)
* A heat resistant mat to protect the front of the pants 
(click here to find one)
*A big wooden cutting board to protect your table
* An iron or an i-Rock tool

Lay out one letter in rhinestuds, starting with a middle letter next to the middle seam of  the pants. This one spells Leah, so "e" it is. This way your word ends up centered. (I bet by now you'll regret it if you gave your daughter a long name)

Since I used the i-Rock tool, I let it heat up and pressed the hot tip onto each rhinestud, letting the heat melt the glue underneath and attach them to the pants.
 If you don't have one, simply use an iron. I recommend you iron on one rhinestud at the time because they do become permanently attached once they are heated. 
Once all the letters are on, I ironed the pants to make sure all rhinestuds are well glued on. And that's it already! 

 My girls will wear nothing else, so I made a few...
They were a great hit as gifts too!

And this is how they look on paper


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