Monday, August 6, 2012

Create an Album with me 8

So far I've done 8 pages from the Echo Park This & That collection and there is still enough left for more. These kits are such a good deal. Everything I used can be found at my2angels, just follow the links.
We used to do a lot of children's shows and visit all the summer camps in Russia. Here we are with a little Pioneer. (My American friends, you are not the only ones with pioneers. I am talking about the Russian kids' organisation, similar to the Scouts)

The background was created with Tim Holtz distress inks:
Stamp some hearts on white cardstock with clear ink, then emboss them with clear embossing powder and then rub distress ink over it. 

 The embossed parts resist the ink and stay white. It's subtle, but adds a bit of interest to the background.
Cut 4 mats from patterned paper (2x8", 2x10", 2x9" and 2x8") and glue them roughly in the middle of the cardstock:
 Add a paper ring (8" diameter on the outside, 7" on the inside) and sew a zig-zag stitch in the middle:
 Now curl up the edges of the ring a bit:
 Glue down the photo and 2 journalling mats (2x3" each):

Now onto some embellishing. Cut 6 circles (1 1/4" diameter) from double-sided paper and fold 2 sides towards the middle, like this:
 Glue them on some spare paper to form a flower...
 ...and put an acrylic flower in the middle.
The little felt boy got eyes made from a rhinestone chain and a velvet ribbon scarf (that's what a pioneer wears):
 and 3 felt hearts and 2 leaf charms with a twine bow make a cute little border.
 rhinestone title can be a bit hard to attach if you peel the whole word off, but there is an easy way: Peel off just the first letter and cut away the protective plastic from under that letter only. Now lay the whole word on the page, where you want it to go and stick down that first letter. Peel off the next letter... you get the idea. Do the same with the rest of the word, one or two letters at the time and they won't loose their shape. Easy. It does look fab, totally worth the few extra minutes.
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elainec said...

I'm really liking your album, it has given me inspiration to put one together for my mum using some of her photos so she will be able to have it on her table and look at it without having to search through the box she has them in. x

scrapMel said...

gorgeous layout, love the idea with the folded flower. Love those papers too.